13 lesser known facts about Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction gained the Palme d’Or on the 1994 Cannes Movie Pageant.

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is considered one of the vital essential movies within the historical past of cinema. Tarantino’s second movie, which gained him his first Palme d’Or, is thought for its non-linear stylised storytelling. Pulp Fiction grew to become a phenomenon quickly after it launched as nothing earlier than its launch, ever seemed like this.

Starring Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel and Ving Rhames amongst others, Pulp Fiction was nominated for seven Academy Awards however gained just for Greatest Unique Screenplay.

Listed below are some lesser recognized information about Pulp Fiction:

1. The Malibu

The 1964 Chevy Malibu that Vince drives within the movie truly belonged to Quentin Tarantino. The car was stolen after the manufacturing of the movie however turned up 20 years later when some youngsters had been attempting to promote components of the automobile. Not simply this automobile, Tarantino additionally owned the pockets utilized by Jules within the movie.

pulp fiction
The Malibu was stolen after filming the film however resurfaced 20 years later.

2. Butch by no means preferred Vince

Within the film, Vince tells Jules the story of somebody keying his automobile. Tarantino later stated that it was truly Butch who keyed his automobile. The 2 characters chronologically meet for the primary time when they’re referred to as by Marsellus.

3. Lance or Jimmie?

Tarantino had two choices when it got here to taking part in a personality within the movie. He might both play the drug supplier Lance or the position he finally performed – Jimmie. However since he could be required at hand over the directing accountability to another person whereas he was performing, he selected to play Jimmie. Tarantino needed to be behind the digicam for the now-famous scene the place Mia is stabbed with a syringe.

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quentin tarantino pulp fiction
Scenes that includes Quentin Tarantino had been directed by Robert Redford.

4. Who directed the director?

The scenes the place Tarantino is performing have been directed by Robert Rodriguez.

5. The reverse stabbing

The scene the place Travolta’s Vince stabs Thurman’s Mia with a syringe was shot in reverse with a dummy needle. What the viewers sees on display is footage performed backwards.

pulp fiction movie trivia
The now iconic scene was shot in reverse.

6. Small funding, huge returns

Pulp Fiction was made for under 8.5 million {dollars} and because the movie was made on such a modest finances, all of the actors took pay cuts. John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman had been paid 20,000 {dollars} per week and most of them shot just for just a few weeks. The actors had a share within the income.

7. The Briefcase

Famously, the contents of the briefcase are by no means disclosed within the film, making the viewers run wild with their creativeness. Theories have been floating for years which recommend that this might truly include Marsellus’ soul (spooky), Elvis’ gold swimsuit (True Romance), and even diamonds (Reservoir Canine) however Tarantino cleared the confusion in 2003. He informed Howard Stern, “It’s regardless of the viewer needs it to be.” Although whereas filming, the suitcase contained bulbs and battery.

pulp fiction briefcase
The thriller of the briefcase remains to be a puzzle for viewers.


8. Thriving in competitors

Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption opened in US theaters on the identical day.

9. The Vega Brothers

John Travolta’s Vincent Vega is definitely associated to a different Tarantino character. Vince is definitely the brother of Vic Vega from Reservoir Canine. Tarantino had earlier expressed curiosity in doing a movie on the Vega Brothers however the undertaking by no means took off.

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10. Who will likely be Mia?

The casting of Mia Wallace went via lots of bumps earlier than Uma Thurman received the position. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jennifer Anniston had been each supplied the position which they refused due to their commitments to Seinfeld and Buddies, respectively. Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer had been within the working too however Tarantino was fairly positive of casting Thurman. She wasn’t eager on accepting the position till Tarantino referred to as her and narrated your entire script over the cellphone.

uma thurman pulp fiction
Uma Thurman was reluctant to take the position first.

11. Jules’ interpretation of the Bible

Jules recites the Bible passage Ezekiel 25:17 earlier than taking pictures Brett. However the strains he utters aren’t truly within the Bible. The majority of the speech was co-written by Tarantino and Jackson.

12. Royale with Cheese

Within the preliminary scenes of the movie, Vince talks about spending time in Amsterdam which truly made its means into the script as a result of Tarantino had simply spent three months within the metropolis. After the success of Reservoir Canine, Tarantino took off to Amsterdam the place he wrote the early draft of Pulp Fiction.

13. Not all 420

It’s extensively believed that each one the clocks within the movie show the time 4:20 however in actual fact, this isn’t true. In lots of scenes, totally different time might be seen however all of the clocks on the pawn store definitely present the time as 4:20.

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