5 Mental Shifts that Helped Mike Barron Create a Multi-million Dollar Empire

Most people online glamorize being an entrepreneur, and although it is excellent to be one, in the business world, if you want to become successful, it will take a lot of hard work, valuable skills, relationships, dedication, and mental strength. Mike Barron, one of the top marketers in the digital world and two 2-Comma Club Winner, shares five mental shifts necessary for growth. 

1. Be willing to invest in yourself

This one is hard for people to follow. Especially at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, but understanding that every penny they invest in themselves multiplies is a good way to change perspectives. People often wait to get mentorship until they feel successful, but the sooner you hire a mentor, the faster you evolve and the more mistakes you avoid along the way. You can never go wrong when you invest in yourself. 


2. Learn to love sales 


Most times, entrepreneurs want to build a business, but they want to avoid “selling”. The faster you understand that sales is what drives any business, the less pain you will save yourself. In reality, sales is a noble act. You are sharing your product or service to people who need it and at the end of the day, you are changing their lives. If you want to learn how to do sales the right way, you can start with this free course.  

3. Take extreme accountability for your life 

Instead of victimizing yourself for hardship, look at every situation and ask yourself “what can I learn from this?” “how did this experience make me a better person?” knowing that you have the power at all times will not only help you come up with the best solutions possible, but it will help you keep a high level of energy which will attract the right people and repel the wrong ones. Instead of making excuses, push yourself to learn something new every day. Commit to becoming a better person and maximize each day. 

4. Stay focused on the big picture

Insecurity sometimes motivates people to think small, but think big. You are capable of achieving everything you want. Start by creating your one-, five- and 10-year goals. Write them down even if they seem impossible. The more you look at those goals, the more you convince yourself that you can achieve them. You will also start adapting your behavior and habits towards your priorities. “The second I wake up every morning, I read my goals and maximize my days to achieve the things I want”. says Mike. Now ask yourself, what will have to happen in just one year to reach your 10-year goals?


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5. Follow proven methods and avoid tactics. 


Nowadays, people sell tactics, but you have to keep in mind tactics will never take you far. Instead, you should study people who are already successful and follow their proven methods. 

Following these five shifts will positively impact your life and business. Don’t forget to connect with Mike Barron to receive daily tips that will help you reach your goals.

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