A New Update of Kubernetes – V1.18 – is Announced by VEXXHOST

VEXXHOST has come out with a new update to its popular offering, Kubernetes. This is the first update in 2020. The name of this new update is Kubernetes v1.18, it has been released with 38 enhancements.

VEXXHOST received their Kubernetes certification from the CNCF in 2018. One year later, they developed their Kubernetes Enablement offering to create an accessible Certified Kubernetes service. With Kubernetes v1.18 Update, the company is confident about bringing a new and upgraded experience to its users.

It is currently offering support for both v1.17.4 and v1.18. This is in their SJC1 data center, located in Santa Clara, California. The company provides 24×7 support, along with access to VEXXHOST engineers through a ticketing system. 

Some major features in Kubernetes v1.18 are the Topology Manager feature and Server-side Apply. These will give users a wider range of choices in managing containers.

“VEXXHOST always endeavors to offer their users the very latest in cloud computing offerings available. Kubernetes v1.18 was no exception. We are excited to see the benefits of this update passed on directly to our users and improve upon their overall user experience.” Said Mohammed Naser, VEXXHOST CEO.

This new update will have users make use of secure container clusters. This is done via enhanced isolation. The performance will also be upgraded by virtue of faster deployment times. The extensive service integrations will also be simplified.

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