Abdullah Mehmood, a successful entrepreneur at eighteen

Founder of the media agency, Rex Media Group, Abdullah has been providing support to many brands and celebrities. Nowadays as the trend of starting business is escalating so is the issue on how to make your brand known and publicize it. Rex Media group provides services such as featuring your content on Google, advertising products and business marketing . It is still a growing company and has long way to go.

Founded in 2017, Rex Media Group is a full-service media agency and still growing. At sixteen it was a huge achievement for Abdullah and since then he has strived hard to make a name for his agency. Popular vloggers and other celebrities have been his satisfied customers over the years. Abdullah believes that he owes his success to his determination, hard work and the support from his family. Born in Karachi, Pakistan and being brought up in Lahore, Abdullah had many dreams even before he was a teenager. He had to struggle with all the people around him bringing down his spirits as they believed he was not very mature and young to be dreaming so big. But his hard work and motivation payed off when he started gaining recognition for his work as a vlogger and later when he founded his own agency. He showed that age is just a number if you dream and strive hard to achieve it.

Apart from Rex Media Group he is also a founder of <stlllr.com>. He likes to stay active on social media and keep his followers in contact. You must have questions on how he got so far at such a young age, he shares his experiences and advices on Instagram from time to time.

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Without doubt Abdullah is a self-made businessman at eighteen. He did not have any financial support from his family and has worked hard to earn what he has right now. Getting a raw experience of the world at such a young age, Abdullah has a pure connection and knows how to connect with people. You can visit his Instagram profile @theabdullahmehmood to know more about him.

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