AdWatch Media Launches Cutting Edge Software Platform Merging Digital and Traditional Advertising Offerings

AdVenture Brings Advertising Agencies, Billboard Operators, Direct Mail Providers and Digital Campaign Exchanges All Together with Streamlined Services

ATLANTA, GA — July 20, 2020 — AdWatch Media, an innovative advertising agency with a focus on helping clients by using hyperlocal digital ads, digital billboards, online ads, live in-store televisions and more, today announced the launch of their online software platform — AdVenture. This state-of-the-art platform brings advertising agencies, billboard operators, direct mail providers and digital campaign exchanges like Google & Facebook all together and connects them to customers who are looking to advertise locally.

As part of AdWatch Media’s initiative to revolutionize the digital advertising industry, the AdVenture online software platform helps clients convey their clients’ messages all over the country. AdVenture is a one-stop online platform that empowers customers to promote themselves in their local areas with outdoor billboards, online ads, in store televisions, social media messaging, and more, all from a single, easy-to-use portal.

Additionally, AdVenture enables large enterprises or franchises to provide their regional and local offices with a centralized software platform to promote their products and services locally, while they manage and monitor the ad content and campaigns remotely. AdVenture can also be used as a marketplace for multiple digital marketing agencies, billboard operators and direct mail operators to cross-sell their offerings — For example, a billboard operator in Texas can list their billboards on the software which gives a regional business the ability to run an ad on that billboard hassle-free. Similarly, a creative team in Wisconsin can be contracted to do the creative for that same billboard if they run a promo on the AdVenture platform and are found by the business who is looking to place the ad.

“AdWatch Media is always trying to find new ways to support our customers to reach their prospective audiences by using their advertising budget to thoughtfully find wherever they may live, work or play,” says Khan. “We work smarter with the dollars allocated for spreading your message.”

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About AdWatch Media

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, AdWatch Media is an advertising agency with a focus on hyperlocal advertising. AdWatch Media is new age in their practices of getting business’s message to customers through digital billboards, social media, influencer marketing, online & mobile ad buying, live in-store tvs, and more.

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