Agaoglu Concept CEO, Onur Agaoglu, Calls Out the Struggles of Silicon Valley in Diversifying the Workforce

Agaoglu Concept CEO, Onur Agaoglu has thrown light on the inability of the tech companies in diversifying their working environment. He believes that the industry is going at a turtle’s speed in changing their employee demographics. And there is low recruitment of black and Hispanic workers in various tech organizations.

After the alleged murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, strong protests are going on against the police brutality and racist attacks on black people. Questions are also being raised over the ineffectiveness of Silicon Valley’s major companies to ensure the required diversity in the industry. In the year 2014, many tech companies made promises to increase black and Hispanic workforces.

Since then, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft Corp. have just got less than 5 percent of the black workforce. The similar slow growth is also seen among Hispanic employees. According to Onur Agaoglu, the reason for less progress on diversity issues is the non-accountability of hiring managers to meet the workforce diversity target.

The entrepreneur has highlighted that the higher authorities would have to take responsibility and focus on maintaining a harmonious environment by hiring the workforce in a balanced manner. Employee resource groups are being employed for this purpose but nothing great is achieved by them on this subject.

Onur Agaoglu, CEO of the Agaoglu Concept has highlighted that most minority people face the condition of lay-offs on a large scale. Moreover, he has added that there is a big uncertainty that large companies would alter their hiring strategies on this subject.

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