The continuous technological advancements are creating competition across all industries. Businesses that embrace innovations are more productive and more competitive than the companies that don’t! The future belongs to digitalization. Blockchain technology, web 3.0, and digital marketing are just hints of what the future holds. Technologies like Metaverse will boost adoption of virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), and automated business processes (RPA). Customers will require 100% quality in customer care, products, and overall services. That’s all possible if a company embraces technology. Companies that still work on previous technology may soon experience a downfall. Competitors with innovative solutions may occupy the entire market in the future. Businesses need to think out of the box and create unique strategies to reach top-level success. All business operations and processes will someday include virtual reality and artificial intelligence. In case of any compromise, a business may succumb to huge loss and overall financial instability. Companies that have developmental plans to grow parallelly with the technology will boost revenue, whereas businesses without plans for the future may collapse. There are numerous technological factors that business owners need to consider. Things include embracing technology for value creation and digital growth. This cybersecurity is an essential element that no business leader can avoid even today! It is a must-do strategy for individuals, entrepreneurs, financial leaders, and all-level businesses.

Companies with vague ideas seek technology and business experts to help them achieve milestones beyond their capabilities. Business experts like Alex Sharpe are life saviors for such companies. All large businesses in the industry rely on the experts’ consultancy who develop results-oriented strategies to gain competitive advantage and exceed expectations.

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Every business heading into the digital realm is at high risk for cyberattacks. Malicious data attacks may result in huge data theft, destroying the company’s reputation and stability. Hard-earned data can be ruined in a minute after such events. Today, businesses have realized that ensuring cybersecurity is essential to growing in the digital landscape. Companies hire consultancy from cybersecurity experts who help them mitigate cybersecurity while creating business value and digital growth. Alex Sharpe provides results-driven cybersecurity consultancy to prevent all sorts of malicious data attacks, embrace advanced technology, and achieve business milestones successfully. With the advent of new technology, businesses cannot rely on old strategies. In fact, incorporating the traditional method may occur a loss of intellectual property (IP).

Alex Sharpe has more than three decades of experience in cybersecurity and privacy with real-world operational expertise. Unlike other professionals in this technological space, Sharpe has run Profits & Loss (P&Ls) up to $60m. Very few have deep experience in both cybersecurity and business strategy. Throughout his successful consultancy career, Mr. Sharpe has helped numerous large corporations and government agencies embrace digital transformation. His long-term experience has made him an expert who knows how to balance business realities, operational effectiveness, and cybersecurity. With strong business and cybersecurity skills, he has led a large number of businesses to grow to the next level of success. He has provided his expertise and consultancy to clients from thirty countries on six continents. Sharpe has helped companies gain technological growth while mitigating cyberattack risks.

Sharpe started his career at National Security Agency (NSA) in 1986. Later he shifted his expertise into the management consultancy ranks, where he established practices at Booz Allen and KPMG. After gaining significant experience, Sharpe co-founded two different firms, including the Hackett Group and eForce. At the Hackett Group, he operated the eBusiness P&L for the firm. He was the Vice President of Global Operations at eForce. Throughout his career, Sharpe also worked with his clients by advising boards and senior executives on business strategy, cybersecurity, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), and complex program management. He also works with standards organizations and regulators, such as Global Resilience Federation (GRF), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), ISACA, InfraGard, and the Global Digital Currency and Asset Association (Global DCA), the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), ISO, and NIST.

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Mr. Sharpe is a member of the board of BWG Strategy. He earned his BSEE in Computer Engineering with minors in Math and Computer Science in 1986 from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). In 1995, he received his Master’s in Systems Engineering, Operations Management, and Program/Project Management from Johns Hopkins University (JHU). He subsequently completed programs in Value Investing and business at Columbia Business School. In 2018, he received two merit awards for his expertise and profound experience in management and cybersecurity consultancy. He received awards from the Columbia Business School.

Alex founded a boutique consultancy firm, Sharpe Management Consulting LLC, that provides strategies for creating effective business models. In 2019, he started mentorship programs for technology ventures in Columbia, where he guides entrepreneurs in establishing successful businesses.

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