Andrew Anastasiou wins both 2020 Start-up and Scale-Up Entrepreneur Awards

The 2020 Start-up and Scale-up Entrepreneur Awards have both been won by the Fintech entrepreneur, Andrew Anastasiou for his investment and innovation in the payments and banking industry.

Andrew Anastasiou is in the final phase of launching his new cash-to-voucher system which will see some 250 million citizens in the African continent gain access to digital banking, enabling them to make online transactions via a 10 digit voucher code. The user can purchase this utility-specific voucher from any kiosk or vendor which is signed up to the company and is an authorized provider of the voucher.

The awards are presented yearly and entrepreneurs who have brought innovative and forward-thinking products to the public are eligible to be the winners of this prestigious award. The Start-up Entrepreneur Award is specifically for entrepreneurs between the ages of 25-35 who have shown entrepreneurial spirit and created a product or brand that has been accepted positively by its target customers, whilst the Scale-up Entrepreneur Award is for entrepreneurs that have grown their businesses quickly and with a strong foundation, with further expansion abilities.

The 31-year-old entrepreneur has become a solid brand in himself in the payment industry and is considered as the “go-to guy” when it comes to navigating the ever-complicated finance sector. With his own companies also growing at an exceptional rate, Andrew Anastasiou stands as a seed investor and advisor to some of the most notable financial services businesses in Europe and is also in the process of obtaining a secondary banking license in order to further place himself at the very front of his industry.

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