Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max are Thicker with Better Battery Life

Apple finally seems to be getting the message loud and clear. For years, the company had preferred thinness of a model to its battery life. It sacrificed the battery life and efficiency of the device for a sleek look. But now Apple learnt its lesson.

Now, rather than making thinner phones Apple designed phones with longer battery life. Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max are way thicker than their previous models, but they have remarkable battery life.

Apple’s new phones like the iPhone XS and XS Max promise a better battery life. The previous one has four hours on it and the latter has five improved hours on it. Apple finally paid heed to the demands of the people.

Its few upgrades include iPhone 7 which has 2 hours on 6s. iPhone X has two hours on iPhone 7. XS and XS Max have 30 minutes and 90 minutes each, after the software and hardware improvements. Last year has been great for iPhone XR, which is the iPhone with longest battery life. The decision of Apple to sacrifice thinness for bigger battery went well. Improved battery life and efficiency of iPhones is a winner for all iPhone users.

iPhones short battery life has always been a complain, now it seems Apple has finally solved it. It obviously doesn’t have huge batteries life Samsung and Nokia but it is doing better than its previous models. It is a step ahead in improvement.

iPhone’s trend of thinness is finally turning. Rather than looking sleek and slimmer, iPhones now work better and last longer. Take iPhone 11 for example. It is 0.02 inches thicker than the iphone XS but has longer battery life.

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