Artist Bleary’s Latest Single ‘Peace’, the 2nd Part of his Breakup Series, Puts a Refreshing Thought in People’s Minds

Portland based hip-hop/R&B artist Bleary has released a music single called “Peace (Sever Pt. 2)”. This is the second part of the three part based series. The series is the ‘breakup series’ and the recently released song “Peace (Sever Pt. 2)” is based on the post-breakup mentality.

After break up, when everyone starts seeing the negative side of the relationship, and they struggle to do anything positive in life or in love, it is that time this music single is based on. It talks about putting a stop on the overthinking part after the relationship has broken. The mind thinks everything in the worst possible way, stop that! the song suggests.

Bleary’s talents without rapping are showcased in “Peace”, the hip-hop/R&B track. This song “Peace (Sever Pt. 2)” has all the influences from the 2000s, when bands like Brand New and AFI were loved. Bleary really opens up about heartbreak in this one and the listeners are assured they will get a feel for emo genres when listening to it.

The song moves in one direction from being quiet to being loud, with a dip in between; but when seen structurally, it’s one movement. It is now available on all major music platforms for the listeners to listen to. One can also choose to connect to Bleary on Instagram and visit the website to know more about the series and the upcoming projects.

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