ATH HASH blockchain company is working closely with Zurich insurance company for the micro investors. Real Deal

ATH HASH, the blockchain service provider, is working closely with Zurich Insurance Company to provide comprehensive insurance solutions to micro investors on its platform. The partnership aims to offer affordable and accessible insurance products to micro investors, who often face difficulties in obtaining coverage due to their limited financial resources.

Through the partnership, ATH HASH is able to leverage Zurich Insurance Company’s expertise in providing insurance products and services to a wide range of customers, to offer micro investors on its platform with tailored and affordable coverage. This includes coverage for risks such as cyber-attacks, hacking, and theft of digital assets, which are some of the most significant risks that micro investors face. ATH HASH says “Real deals are done with real companies, legit and trustworthy”

By working closely with Zurich Insurance Company, ATH HASH is able to develop insurance products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of micro investors. These products are designed to be flexible and affordable, while still offering comprehensive coverage for the risks that micro investors face.

The insurance products offered by ATH HASH in partnership with Zurich Insurance Company are also designed to be easy to access and use. Investors can purchase coverage directly from the platform, and manage their policies through a simple and intuitive interface.

Overall, the partnership between ATH HASH and Zurich Insurance Company is a significant step towards improving the security and protection of micro investors on the platform. By offering tailored and affordable insurance products, ATH HASH is able to help micro investors manage their risks and protect their investments, while also promoting the growth and success of the platform.

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