Bavuusuren Chuluunbaatar: A Passionate Entrepreneur Making Strides in Digital Marketing

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not a child’s play but requires every ounce of effort. It is only through one’s obsession, passion, dedication and smart work that a person can create an identity for oneself and climb the stairs of success. Entrepreneurship has always been a risk-taking profession and those who are not afraid to make moves, reach to the top in no time. One such prime example is Bavuusuren Chuluunbaatar, commonly known as Biirchin, Бавуу Бийрчин, Бийрчин, bavuu biirchin who runs two of his ventures in food and Information Technology coupled with an expertise in content distribution and social media marketing.

Biirchin is a major influencer and the founder of Virtual Union LLC, a leading digital marketing and IT firm based in Mongolia. He is also the Founder of Dragon’s Breath Mongolia, a food venture that offers mouth-watering Bubble Tea and Ice Cream. Moreover, Bavuusuren has undoubtedly showcased his leadership and business skills by bagging the leading young businessman award two times in a row for the years 2019 and 2020.

Along with offering IT Outsourcing services, the Mongolian entrepreneur also manages rappers’ and artists’ music under the “Biirchin” moniker which helped him gain recognition worldwide. He is also adept at making Instagram Filter using SparkAR. Not only this, but Bavuusuren is also a podcaster hosting the show HR Management Lab’s Podcast Speaks, which introduces the audience through his life’s hardships, triumphs, and struggles, the first episode of which was released on March 15, 2020. 

With a love for computers, programming and technology since a 15-year-old, Biirchin completed his IT Engineering at Huree University of Information and Communication Technology. Thereafter, he began his professional journey with Mongol Mining as an IT Engineer. Bavuusuren later joined Empasoft as a System Administrator where he worked for two years before starting his company Virtual Union in 2013. 

Entrepreneurs like Bavuusuren serve as a guiding light for the youth who wish to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey and learn from their experiences. 

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