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A lot of great things are happening during the roadmap rollout for Billionaire Space Baby (BSB). The founders, Ace (aka @wiremecrypto) and Nick (aka @internetwires), wanted a six-phase approach to creating, launching, and cultivating the Billionaire Space Baby brand involves releasing and selling of 7,777 unique 3D artworks in an exceptional NFT collection, but Billionaire Space Baby is so much more than just NFTs.

The Billionaire Space Baby movement stretches well beyond an NFT launch. Our Space Cadets get their ticket on our rocket ship by purchasing an NFT, but that’s just Phase 1.

Subsequent phases include high-end NFT swag, our BSBeamer BMW M4 Competition giveaway, and our highly anticipated One-in-a-Million mentorship opportunity.

Billionaire Space Baby is as much a way to see your dreams come true as it is an NFT collection. And the Billionaire Space Baby One-in-a-Million event gives some lucky Space Cadets the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

All Space Cadets (NFT holders) are automatically eligible for the One-in-a-Million random raffle, and a couple of lucky winners every year will have their entrepreneurial goals funded and their dreams brought to life through invaluable mentorships and industry connections.

The Billionaire Space Baby One-in-a-Million mentorship program aims to engage hungry young entrepreneurs in a way never before seen in the NFT/crypto space. Blast off as a Billionaire Space Baby Space Cadet, see your goals and dreams realized with the help of Billionaire Space Baby founders, and never look back!

What is the One-in-a-Million Mentorship Program?

“Anything is easy for us with the connections we have”when it comes to just how far Billionaire Space Baby can go towards making someone’s dreams come true, says co-founder Ace.

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Whether that’s finding the right networking opportunities in the entertainment industry or being mentored by real-world serial entrepreneurs and moneymakers, BSB’s One-in-a-Million is the chance for a select few Space Cadets to chase their dreams in earnest.

One-in-a-Million 101

Every person who purchases one of the 7,777 unique Billionaire Space Baby NFTs is eligible and entered into the Phase 4 One-in-a-Million raffle giveaway. After the initial sale of all 7,777 NFTs—in the first of a yearly giveaway—one to two lucky winners will be chosen at random for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Winners of the One-in-a-Million mentorship program will receive:

● Full funding to pursue an entrepreneurial business venture of their choice
● Exclusive mentorship from Billionaire Space Baby co-founders Ace and Nick
● Access to networking opportunities with experts and industry leaders across a broad spectrum of industries
● Marketing and advertising training to help you bring your vision to the masses
● And so much more!

Your Ticket onto the Billionaire Space Baby One-in-a-Million Rocket Ship

Seizing the opportunity to enter the One-in-a-Million giveaway is easy. Simply sign up to be part of the Billionaire Space Baby community and purchase one of the 100% original Billionaire Space Baby NFTs. Each account is limited to five (5) minted NFTs, but that’s five chances to see your dreams come true through the One-in-a-Million yearly raffle.

That’s the first phase in becoming a Billionaire Space Baby Space Cadet—minting an NFT. Once you’re in the club, a whole world of possibilities opens up to you. Billionaire Space Baby Space Cadets are an exclusive group of like-minded, hungry entrepreneurs ready to take the digital world by storm.

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Co-founder Ace understands that many high-minded potential business owners often forgo their dreams of pursuing financial independence because the 9-5 grind is a comfortable fallback.

“Everyone has a dream, but not many people out there will start shooting for their dreams,” he says. “Maybe they don’t even believe in it.”

“A lot of people have great mindsets and business ideas they could go and do,” echoes Nick. “That’s when money becomes an issue.”

The Billionaire Space Baby One-in-A-Million mentorship program is a way for dreamers, regardless of how wild those dreams may be, to bring their vision into the world.

How Can Billionaire Space Baby Make Your Dreams Come True?

Co-founders Ace and Nick started Billionaire Space Baby after a lifetime of serial entrepreneurship and countless project successes. For them, Billionaire Space Baby is more than an NFT collection opportunity. Billionaire Space Baby is a way of life that focuses on mentorship, financial literacy, and making the right connections with the right people. Throughout their success, the pair have become close with industry leaders and big players in a number of highly sought-after sectors of the entrepreneurial world.

As a result, Billionaire Space Baby is uniquely positioned to provide Space Cadets with valuable insights, expertise, and access to movers and shakers like:

● Entertainers
● Musicians
● Music labels
● World-class entrepreneurs
● Business mentors
● Social media influencers
● Marketers
● Developers
● Venture capitalists
● And more

Billionaire Space Baby NFTs may be your ticket to the party, but once you’re in, the possibilities are endless.

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The One-in-a-Million opportunity takes that one step further. Every year, one to two random NFT holders will be chosen to have their business ideas entirely funded by Billionaire Space Baby. Funding is often the most significant obstacle for young entrepreneurs, and One-in-a- Million is a way to open the entrepreneurial door and give lucky Billionaire Space Baby NFT holders a head start through funding and industry connections.

Billionaire Space Baby is a Lifestyle

Not everyone is cut out to be a successful entrepreneur. Without the motivation and passion, many dreamers don’t put in the time and effort needed to become financially independent.

Billionaire Space Baby and the community it cultivates are passionate, motivated, and ready to put in the work.

We expect our Space Cadets to understand the Billionaire Space Baby brand’s inherent potential and to approach the opportunity with a hunger for success. Ace and Nick are eager to mentor and drive Space Cadets towards success, but One-in-a-Million winners need to be highly motivated and ready to make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Anything and everything” is possible, says Ace. And he means it, because Billionaire Space Baby is as much a mentality and a financially free lifestyle choice as it is a badass collection of out-of-this-world NFTs.

Read our white paper to learn all about the Billionaire Space Baby lifestyle, and get in on the ground floor before Billionaire Space Baby blasts off!

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