Celebrities and Fans in NYC are Calling the Artist Marko Stout the ‘Next Andy Warhol’ for his Excellent Artistic Work in ‘Erotic Allure Volume 3’

Marko Stout, the famous NYC artist and charismatic personality, has been called the ‘next Andy Warhol’ by popular celebrities and fans after seeing his excellent work in his most recent video installation ‘Erotic Allure Volume 3’. His recent sold-out solo video installation at New York’s famed Tribeca Gallery attracted a huge crowd his fans to see his work and meet him. Both popular celebrities and fans from New York City have been appreciating him for creativity in his work.

The Kardashians released a YouTube video and called Marko Stout’s “Erotic Allure Volume 3” exhibition an exciting event. And RuPaul also praised the artist Marko Stout for his quality work and called him a personality full of charisma, nerve, uniqueness, and talent. Other celebrities namely Snooki, Vince Neil, and Justin Bieber have raised their voices in support of the artist as well as his work. The artist has been attending many high profile social events, fashion shows, and he is also having many sold out exhibitions with his video installations, sculptures, and famous urban metal prints.

Marko Stout is planning to work on longer duration films with his models in the near future. His work is an immortalisation of pop glamour and it stretches beyond encapsulations of aesthetic and it extends to give a special meaning to culture. In addition to this, he is also planning to work with a new designer to put his images on a soon to be launched clothing line.

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