Channel Search revolutionizing how visual learners quench their thirst for knowledge

YouTube and other visual streaming platforms have seen an extraordinary increase in popularity in recent years. More and more people have been joining these platforms and uploading content in search of audience recognition and maybe monetizing their profile or channel. Visual content monetization has become a great way to increase income and has even replaced a traditional job for many people. However, the path to becoming a recognized and profitable content creator is not an easy one. Not all content creators catch their big break or even get past the 1000 subs benchmark. Helping such aspiring content creators to pursue their dreams and get the word out for their channel is a new revolutionizing online platform called ChannelSearch.

People use visual content streaming platforms to watch something entertaining or learn something new. With the recent increase in visual media, many teaching platforms have adopted visual content to ensure a quality learning experience. However, as a viewer finding a channel or video which fulfills all requirements or needs becomes very hard sometimes. Similarly, reaching the right audience with the same interests as the niche of your content is not an easily implemented task. Quality search engine optimization must be implemented in all content for an extended period to ensure satisfactory results. These implementations can be very expensive and not always an option for content creators. Large organizations and profiting platforms perform these optimizations implementations to stay on top of viewer searches leaving the smaller content in the shadows of the later pages. It does not matter how specifically matching the content is to the viewer’s search. It will always stay on the later pages, which are seldom visited. This usually results in the discouragement of new smaller content creators and the end of their content-creating endeavors. The world has lost much good content due to this fact. Channel Search was created to counter this expense-based dictatorship. Channel Search allows newer and smaller channels and profiles to reach a wider audience and enables the audience to search for content with accurate parameters.

Channel Search is a platform that connects viewers to their needed content creators keeping all parameters in check. Channel Search has advanced connecting capabilities that analyze all parameters of a viewer’s preference and search request. It is a platform where creators can post about their channels, their videos, and viewers can browse for their choice of content. Channel Search empowers new content creators to launch their channels and gain success in monetizing them. They can implement many different strategies to elevate their channels, access a more targeted audience, and much more on this platform.

Channel Search also enables viewers to find new channels that grasp their preferences more adequately. This platform has many parameters that are not seen on conventional visual content streaming sites. Channel search offers a plethora of content niches from arts and crafts to politics to innovational technology and health care channels.

Channel Search was launched in 2020 by its founder Karina Nagi. The inspiration to create such a platform came from Karina’s inconveniences daily dealing with. Karina was fluent in numerous linguistics. Streaming platforms such as YouTube have an infinite amount of content, but it is sometimes hard to find those that fulfill your specific needs. Karina particularly had trouble finding entertainment content in different languages. She started noticing a pattern that entailed these streaming platforms not having accommodating parameter searches. She wanted to create a content directory where one could fill in all their needs from the content and get results that had near-perfect matches. This became the reason for the development of Channel Search.

The goals behind this platform are simple. Karina hopes to help channels and creators get exposed to a greater audience and gain recognition on a wider scale. Channel Search offers no ads on all their videos and aims to continue this for as long as possible. They also aspire to provide people with a platform to find content that fulfills all their needs from a search.

Karina started Channel Search as a way to comfort and accommodate people while searching for content. As stated by Karina, “I started Channel Search out of the need to have an easy to find, easy to connect, and affordable channel search site. Being a visual learner, I have always had issues with sites not easy to read and difficult to navigate, so making Channel Search a colorful, easy to navigate site was my first priority.” Despite being a new platform, Channel Search is making its name in the content creation industry quickly. It is seeing success on a global scale and is servicing 195 countries globally. The company at present has over 300 channels in its directory and is expected to cross the 1000 benchmark by the end of the year. It spends no expense to market its clients and creators on YouTube and through google to get them the maximum exposure.

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