Dame Munni – Sharing her message of positivity to the world

The decision to bring a negative or positive change to the world is solely upon us. When we set ourselves on a journey to share our message of positivity with the world, we are fueled up to create a more peaceful world. These days we find it harder to escape the thoughts of health, money, and the undefined future. On the darker side, there are people with not enough to eat and no place to live or sleep. Upon this realization, we spare ourselves some time to look at the world through a different lens—the lens of positivity. When we embark on this journey to bring a positive change to the world, we want to share our message of positivity with everyone. 

The author of Get Balance, Dame Munni, was only 27 years old when she told her mother that she wanted to share her message of positivity with the world. Her mother and oldest sister understood her mission and vision and supported her in the quest to make the world a better place. The founder of Wisdomland International and Art4Peace is a survivor of domestic violence. The abuse, in return, helped her find her purpose of life and reach where she stands today. 

Throughout her life, Munni has spent countless hours helping those in need. She knows and understands how to cultivate wealth. What we can learn from her life is how we can devote ourselves to the betterment of society as a whole. Munni has spread her message to almost every corner of the world. Her passion for eradicating homelessness, joblessness, and multiple other social issues is not limited to the United States, where she lives. Munni started her career in the real estate business at a very young age. For several years, she worked in that field and, consequently, took ownership of Rosemead School in Rosemead, California. The school offered its students an education in cosmetology, manicuring, and skin care. It even prepared the students for the California state licensing exam. 

That one decision grew into a passion and made Munni the epitome of peace and love. She is all about sharing and is loved by many for who she is and what she does. Over the years, Munni has worked with many country leaders to create jobs worldwide and improve the country’s economy. She has spread her message across borders through different platforms. Wisdomland International is one of her initiatives that focuses on creating jobs, tourism, and global healing. In her approach, the project was created for people who want passive positive cash flow. In return, Munni does not expect any monetary gain. The idea behind this was to splash fresh new colors into the lives of others.

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Dame Munni is not only a global peace leader, but she is also considered a thought author. She has penned Get Balance, a book that sheds a broader light on helping people understand that being spiritual means they must respect their bodies; through eating right, regulating both good and bad egos, meditating, and producing positive energy. At the end of the day, it all comes down to positivity. 

Munni’s selfless devotion to serving humanity has been a huge motivation for many people. In 2019, Munni was appreciated for the recognition given to Don Bosco and his mission for youth. Her name is commemorated on one of the University of Alternative Medicine campuses in Colombo, Sri Lanka, HEBRON ECO University. Munni is deeply committed to promoting alternative medicine. She holds an honorary doctorate and serves as the Peace Governor of the AUGP – Academy Of Universal Global Peace.

Put simply, the desire to help those in need ignited Munni’s passion for spreading her message to the world. It goes without saying that through her powerful message of positivity, Dame Munni has dealt with her own life challenges through her wisdom and meditation. She has devoted her entire life to bringing wide smiles to the face of others. She aims to establish human rights across the globe by thinking beyond boundaries. Dame Munni also became the honorary minister of foreign affairs of the Indian government at the house of Lords in 2016. 

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