Digital Marketing and Storage Facilities by “The Storage Group”

The last decade has been all about technology and high-tech equipment. Since then, we have been on our way toward more advancement and automation. The fast-growing pace of inventions and technological revolutionization has been noticeable over the last few years. 

Personal computers to small smartphones are available to everyone. They have become a part of our daily lives, and in such a way we cannot even bare to live without them. They are not termed as a luxury today but a necessity. We are not far away from the time when robots and mechanical gadgets will become a daily part of our lives. 

High-end gadgets and technological development welcomed many new platforms for businesses worldwide. Amongst them, one of the most important is marketing and advertising tools. With cell phones available to everyone, social media sites and promotional platforms proved to be a great discovery of today, especially in terms of marketing and publicity, which provided several benefits to individuals and corporations.

Marketing and knowledge about advertising concepts have been around since the existence of modern businesses and corporations. Previous advertising was restricted to television ads, radio, newspapers, and billboards, whereas today, digital technology has profoundly boosted the process and expanded the availability of marketing platforms. However, the result remains the same;  generate business goodwill and maximize sales. 

Today, marketing cannot be taken for granted; instead, it has become an essential component of business success. A theory states that no matter what type or kind of product or service is offered, consumers will purchase it only if they have heard of it. As a result, businesses invest in their marketing and advertising efforts each year, leading self-storage facilities to market firms like The Storage Group for assistance. 

Digital Marketing and Storage Facility?

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Some might get confused about what marketing for storage facilities entails. Digital marketing involves web-based tools and strategies that can be tracked and measured. This can be applied to any content in the form of websites, ads, social media, blogs, and more.

Digital marketing is one of the essential tools to create brand awareness,  generate sales,  and drive online traffic. Data analysis is used to measure how successful those strategies are. 

Furthermore, storage facilities are also called storage services or storage businesses. These companies provide storage space for personal and business use. Like every other business, these businesses require digital marketing and advertising strategies. This is where The Storage Group can assist in helping facilities compete successfully within their market. 

Self-storage facility providers focus on increasing rentals by acquiring brand recognition, building a solid online presence, and growing traffic. According to a study, tenants were asked how they got to know about their self-storage facility, and their responses were website 57.37%, walk-ins 66.04%, aggregators 49.22%, yellow pages 12%, and billboard 12.23%.

What’s so valuable about self-storage companies?

Self-storage companies are inclined toward providing a safe and reliable place for personal and business use. Many companies emerged during the pandemic when the world was struck by Covid19. Consumers and enterprises repeatedly turned to storage facilities for their belongings and other various possessions. 

The Storage Group is a company that provides self-storage feasibility and reliable services. Most importantly, it was the first to revolutionize the storage industry through ClickandStor, a suite of products. It offers online 24/7 services, unmatchable storage rentals, and storage supply purchases.

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The Storage Group

The Storage Group is a digital marketing and software solutions company founded by Brian Pelski and Larry Hanks in 2010, with combined experience in the self-storage industry, including operations, development, and investments. Currently, it is led by Brian Pelski and Steve Lucas as the CEO and managing partner. It was the first company to welcome the latest technology to the industry. It created the first fully-integrated online move-in platform available to the self-storage industry, ClickandStor. 

This software ensures tenants can safely complete move-ins directly from any computer or mobile smartphone without human interaction. It also involves several services, including selecting a unit, exploring features, purchasing tenant insurance, receiving a unit number and gate code, account management features, and signing leases online, allowing for complete move-ins  24/7. 

The company has also collaborated with several companies, including Toy Storage Nation, Storage Commander, Tenant Property Protection, Fusiontech Media, Self-Storage Manager, DoorSwap, Web Self-Storage, SiteLink, StorEdge, and Storage Asset Management.

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