Entrepreneur Richa Dave and her Pathbreaking Journey as a celebrated MUA

Believe in yourself!

Time has changed, and so is the working pattern of the world. In these changed times, plenty of women are out there to imprint their name in the history. There are several inspirational stories of success and enthusiasm that are worth acknowledging.

Richa Dave, an astonishing makeup artist is a perfect example of an empowered woman. This visionary artist who hails from Ahmedabad, is a successful entrepreneur and an outstanding makeup artist. The enthusiastic make-up artist remains highly motivated ever since she had taken over the business of Jasmine Beauty Care. Jasmine Beauty Care came into existence in 1989-90 as a beauty studio by Urvashi Dave. Richa inherited the skills of her mother as well as the business.

Dave systematically expanded the business with her amazing business strategies. This saw the rise of Richa Dave Cosmetics, beauty products created by Richa. This stunning young lady never misses being a creative and trend seter, which helped her to create a large customer base. All her customer always finds themselves highly satisfied with the work of this icon. The boss lady knows the business in and out, and how to utilize all her resources. The primary path Richa followed for the expansion of her business and the creation of her venture was through the help of social media. Richa considered being the pathbreaker and role model for every woman who wants to stand on her own feet.

The stunning woman is famous in the Gujarati Industry. The artist always believes in giving her best in the work. This diva is a credible make-up artist when it comes to her expertise, especially bridal make-up. The outreach of the internet made Richa more enthusiastic in helping the amateurs by keeping online sessions and workshops.

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