Ex EI Wants To Make His Music Listeners Self Aware & Empowered

Not all can fight all odds in life to receive success in the last door of life. Thankfully musician- entrepreneur belongs to the other category who believes in the protection given by the Universe and Ancestors and the boon given by nature- Music.

With music Ex EI’s spirit found solace even in the most trying times. Born and brought up in the southside of Chicago, growing up Ex EI faced a lot of odds but music kept him afloat. And today he has seen success due to music in his life.

Music is considered medicine for the heart and soul and this artist definitely experienced it close hand. He made music his soul and poured all his life and emotions into the lyrics he wrote. Today he intends to inspire his peers with his life story depicted in his music.

Ex EI’s hopes with his music he can tell people the importance of self awareness and self empowerment. He wants to have a positive impact on the listeners with everything he creates using his life experiences.


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