Getting people nearer to achieve their financial goals is a multi-talented businessman Solomon Lacy

His efforts have been towards helping people in scaling their businesses as well.

Just like so many other industries of the world which have seen massive changes in the recent times due to the rise of the digital era, it was imperative for the financial and credit score industry as well to see some significant changes. Most of the times, people fear taking the first step in making their dreams a reality, especially when it comes to fulfilling their goals regarding money and investments. However, when people get the backing of a professional and learned individual from the industry, they can get nearer to their financial goals. We came across one such professional financial entrepreneur named Solomon Lacy from the US, who has been at the forefront for assisting people in scaling their businesses and lead them towards a financially secured future.

Since the beginning, this leading entrepreneur was always inclined towards football, playing the same at Alabama State University. Scores revolved around Lacy’s life since that point of time and till today where as a credit score and credit building guru, he has always made way to running back to scores. After realizing that he is meant to live a bigger and better life, Lacy swiftly turned his attention towards the corporate world. He worked at the Home Depot as a corporate recruiter and through the process, he realized his true purpose in life and that was to help people pursue their rendition of the American Dream through financial freedom.

This realization of his resulted in him launching his million-dollar company called Fresh Start Financials Group. This robust firm by Lacy showed its prowess in the industry by growing from a boutique credit repair firm to a growing financial services company, which has been instrumental in changing people’s lives by making them attain a funding of more than $25 million.

From the initiation of his company, Lacy has become the mastermind businessman in financial matters and in helping people in building capital and funding. His firm Fresh Start Financials Group is now one of the leading most credit resolutions, funding and investments company that has turned the lives of not just the renowned names of the business world, but also many other people wanting to better their lives with the correct use of money and funds.

With this company of his, he has also taken the responsibility to educate many entrepreneurs and business people. He has also designed a program for all those who need great ideas to establish their businesses or adjust the credit for making purchases. So far, Lacy has changed the lives of more than 1,000 families with the help of his team that helps in improving people’s credit and from there leads them to more financial success.

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