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Law is a complex discipline involving numerous technical issues and elements that non-lawyers seldom comprehend due to a lack of awareness and understanding. The legal jargon and technical phrases or terms used by judges and lawyers during cases and in courts are usually incomprehensible to most people. Court proceedings also involve several complexities and intricacies that are typically above and beyond the grasp of an ordinary individual without legal awareness, education, and experience. Some people who claim to understand the legal terminologies or the complex legal process usually employ their understanding gained from popular media like television series or movies. However, television and cinema provide distorted information and knowledge regarding the law and court cases due to the dramatic and sensational elements.

Many people are unaware of how laws affect their lives or legal rights in various circumstances, especially in business or corporate relationships. Although many lawyers help people navigate legal complexities and litigation issues, a lack of independent resources that enable ordinary individuals to learn about law practice creates numerous challenges. The significant gap between awareness or knowledge and the actual legal system and practice makes room for educating and training people by offering expert insights. Many legal experts try to educate their clients by providing specialist advice and information related to law practice. Author Gregory Michael Gantt is among the experienced legal experts striving to help people understand the intricate elements of the legal system.

Author Greg Gantt is an American author, lawyer, and community leader who wrote Order in The Court to help people navigate the complexities of the legal system. The author offers expert insights by utilizing over 27 years of legal experience. Gantt is a prominent lawyer and community leader in the Dayton area of Ohio with substantial experience practicing law and handling cases related to corporate affairs, personal injury, civil and criminal litigation, and probate matters. Gantt is an active local community member who helps and serves the community through his namesake law firm. He supports local corporate clients in settling matters related to business transactions, including startups, mergers, formations, dissolutions, and contract disputes. Gantt also helps individual clients in several other litigation areas, including corporate formation, estate planning, personal injury, criminal defense, and probate.

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Greg Gantt is a prominent author who utilized his experience as a lawyer to write a book that enables readers to understand law practice from a professional yet easy perspective. Gantt has vast experience in the legal field, working in various roles and firms. Before law school in 1990, he was the district office manager for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Dayton region. During his legal career, Gantt assumed the role of an acting magistrate in 2000 in Montgomery County Juvenile Courts and was later appointed as an acting judge in Oakwood Municipal Court in 2003. He served as a commissioner at the Ohio Legal Rights Services Commission in 2005. Gantt also worked as special counsel for the Attorney General of Ohio’s Office beginning in 2011. He became the chairperson of the Ohio Unemployment Compensation Review Commission in 2012. Greg Gantt also established his namesake law firm Gantt Law to help individual and corporate clients maneuver the complex and intricate legal system. He is also a long-time member of the American Bar Association and Ohio State Bar Association and a Fellow of the Ohio State Bar Foundation.

Greg Gantt is a lawyer with vast field experience, but writing is his true calling, reflected in Order in The Court. The author implies that he became passionate about writing since his first interaction with English literature and poetry in college. Greg Gantt faced challenges in switching from over 25 years of legal writing experience to creative writing. However, he penned an enlightening and informative book by offering his expert insights and experiences. Gantt took the stories and lessons he learned during his vast legal career and transformed them into a book to enable people to learn various aspects of legal practice, leadership, and communication. He also took inspiration from teaching and mentoring the next generation to equip them with legal concepts and teaching how to become better communicators and leaders.

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Although Greg Gantt is a prominent lawyer and an active community member, his penmanship skills define and represent him as a person and expert. His book offers unique insight into the complexities of the legal world and teaches the art and practice of law to readers from an expert’s perspective. The book reflects Gantt’s passion and inspiration from his vast experience and field experience. Gantt’s book is an example of how words inspire and come to writers effortlessly if they have a passion for converting ideas or concepts into meaningful lessons. Gantt helps people understand legal practice while improving communication and leadership skills as the author of Order in The Court.

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