Johnny Gas’ New Hip-Hop Single, “Airbnb”, Features Smooth Rhythms, Lively Melodies and Energetic Beats

Artist Johnny Gas has released a new hip-hop/rap single, “Airbnb”, which is a perfect mix of smooth rhythms, lively melodies, and energetic beats. The intoxicating hip-hop single reveals the romantic story of star-crossed lovers traveling the world together and falling more in love after visiting a new place.

Realizing all good things will come to an end, the couple chose to part their ways by keeping those warm memories close. The single “Airbnb” has intense lyrics and it narrates the story in an amazing manner. Johnny Gas has embedded different musical elements in the song in a balanced way.

The artist has chosen a fantastic sound to make it a smooth track to listen to. He has wrapped the hip-hop song in his strong vocals and has included soulful harmonics in a seamless manner. Johnny Gas has mixed R&B and rap musical elements to make the single, “Airbnb”, a perfect song to listen to for listeners.

“Airbnb” has conveyed the entire story in an exquisite manner and it is laced with lively as well as energetic beats. This gives every listener a wonderful experience to listen to this song at any time of the year.

The exceptional songwriting skills of the artist can be easily noticed by judging the smooth way in which the song proceeds continuously. “Airbnb” is full of romantic emotions that one feels while being in a romantic relationship with his or her beloved.

This song is available on all major music streaming platforms. One can follow Johnny Gas on Instagram to know more about him and his music.

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