Kelby Dishman sells out his 14th NFT collection

In the world of DeFi there are a LOT of bad actors, and even worse just plain criminals. It’s hard to find marketing, or press, or community management you can trust.

So when we heard the story of Kelby Dishman from Houston, TX, we knew we had to dive in and find out more. After being a social media manager and press guy for over 14 years, including building the FB, IG, Twitter, Tik Tok, AND YouTube for world renowned celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang – Kelby found crypto.

In April of 2021 after hearing that his friend had just received the Uniswap Airdrop, he decided to invest $200. Looking through the in app dex on Trust Wallet he stumbled upon none other than Shiba Inu. So he aped his $200 and the rest is history.

He woke up to his $200 becoming over 36k and it shook him to the core of his being. How had he not found crypto yet? After becoming the very first publicist to write about Shiba Inu shortly after, he took profits and started looking into companies and projects he could work for.

He first started by earning a position Penguin Finance on the Avalanche network bringing a total 32% increase to TVL for the platform before leaving amicably. Since then he has worked for Voxel X Network, Doggy DAO, City Roots DAO, & FOURTEEN nft collections.

One of the original marketers for projects like BAYC, Doodles,  Cool Cats AND Azuki you’d think he’d been marketing NFT’s his entire life, but this 1 year Defi veteran attests his success to using “real world marketing & press” to a culture that generally only knows 1 type of marketing.

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Now, with a staff of 6 and his eye on the prize, Kelby is looking to land bigger and better clients. Ideally, he said, he’d like to find a permanent position working for one of the new blockchains like NEAR or Astar.

You can find Kelby on Instagram, or by emailing him at HoustonHeffner@Gmail.Com.

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