L-da Wild, a Versatile Personality, Teaches Everyone to Overcome Challenges in Life and Stand for the Right Cause

L-da Wild, a multi-talented personality is a songwriter, singer, yoga instructor, and social activist who is doing a great job in the entertainment and fitness education industry. The young girl has made intense efforts to overcome her self-doubt and build a positive perspective in her life.

And it has eventually helped L-da in enhancing her creative depth in different crafts she pursues. Born on May 14th, 1992 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, she embraces positive and expresses herself fully. L-da Wild works for achieving excellence in her life and inspiring others to live a better lifestyle.

As a social activist, L-da raises her voice against many prevalent issues such as human trafficking, racial inequality, and climate change. She makes use of her musical talent to convey her message to the world. Being a gay female, L-da has fought with all obstacles in her life to openly accept and express herself.

Not just for herself but she is also advocating the LGBTQ community. L-da is encouraging people in this community to love themselves for being different. L-da took admission to The University of Guelph in Calculus course but she gave up on it to pursue her interest and passion in music.

After working on her vocals and songwriting talents, she introduced hit songs namely, “Stepping Stones” and “Conquer”. Apart from her singing talent, L-da has also established herself as a yoga instructor. And she has written a 400-page yoga teacher training book and created a 200-hour yoga teacher training course.

L-da has impressed everyone with her liveliness and positive personality. The multi-talented young woman is spreading positivity in the world through yoga and music. One day, she aspires to become a national-level human rights advocate and a globally recognized musician. Her life journey teaches everyone to work hard to overcome challenges and stand for the right cause.

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