Musical Artist Tippy London Is The New Favorite Artist On The Block

Tippy London, original name Anyssa Jackson, realized she loved music at the age of 14. With her twin sister she formed a music group called Stache Swag. Friends opened their homes to them to record music and jam together. YouTube searches led to listening to various genres of music. They loved remixing instrumental music.

Moving to Dallas in 2018, Tippy London made music but didn’t enjoy the experience much so the family moved back to Louisiana. After having a kid together, London and her boyfriend of 6 years broke up. But it was the death of her boyfriend by accident at such a young age left London depressed. She had told him once that she wanted to start making music again. He was now gone and she had slipped into deep depression.

Recently, the musical artist started dating a local rapper and has got her mojo back. He inspires her to create music and jump back to the rapping game. Tippy London is now a hundred percent independent artist who raps when she wants and is also a real estate agent, wig collector and has a fitness brand to her name.

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