Olympian skier, Lindsey Vonn, Motivated by Her Dogs to Exercise

Lindsey Vonn loves going to the gym even after her retirement and her canines are the inspiration for her to work much harder every day.

The new Amazon series entitled “The Pack” hosted by Olympian, in which there are a total of 12 teams composed of owners and their dog companions, had competed in a series of challenges. And there’s a hope of winning for every challenger to bring home the $500,000 prize and $250,000 for an animal charity.

Vonn, alongside her canine named Lucy, told Fox News about working at the show as it would allow her to have such unique adventures and experiences. 

She said , it’s exciting that they got the chance to rappel down a waterfall. They had the chance to get experience on the zipline.

The gold medal-winning skier said she had signed on to partake on the grounds that it was not the same as her sport. She further said that it is the thing that she likes the most, and [the series of challenges] had nothing to do with skiing and it just had to do with companionships and relationships and together with their canines.

In fact, Lucy and her other two canines, named Bear and Leo, are always with her most of her days whether it is going to the gym or on a mountain. Some dog breeds can survive and love the mountains, like the Shiba Inu, whose ancestors were survivors of Japan’s mountainous areas. Like Vonn’s canines, Shiba dogs are great companion dogs.

Vonn said she always has Lucy come with her in the gym, and whenever she likes, ‘Lucy, was it a good job?’ The dog would respond like ‘Hmm?’ and she looks funny, according to her. Her other two canines, named Bear and Leo, are always chasing stuff that sometimes she found it really hard to keep the dogs contained. But she said that it is just so nice to have her canines together with her in the gym.

She added, she truly wants at any place where she is, her canines  are always near with her.

Two of her pups were even injured just recently after chasing a porcupine. As she captioned on her series of posted photos, “So…my young men fell into some difficulty throughout the end of the week. They ran out of the house and then chased after a porcupine…as always young men love to do.” 

On her recent snaps uploaded to the social media app, it shows her two canines covered in porcupine plumes in and around their noses and mouths. In one photograph, it shows a person who utilizes a tool to cull them out. 

Luckily for Vonn, a trip to the vet was every one of her canines needed. 

She concluded her post that she’s incredibly thankful that her canines are ok. She greatly appreciates her family and friends for lending a helping hand to make her dogs make it home safe. And for the love and care that her canines got from the White Pine Vet. She said, they’re the best.

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