“Once Upon a Day: A Lot More Funny” by SNOOKNUK Shows Education Can Be Funny

Not every song is Swalla. Music is different for every age group. Some are aimed at the older age group while some are aimed at the teens. Music has the power to educate. It can be used as a fun way to educate the young generation. Afterall in a decade, they will be the ones holding the fate of the next generation. Once Upon a Day: A Lot More Funny by SNOOKNUK does the job of educating kids in a fun way.

As the critic, Dave Franklin, says – “It shows that not only can education be fun, it demonstrates that it can be done through the smartest and most sassy creative pathways.” SNOOKNUK very deftly hops between genres and makes the music catchy.

She mixes up pop, soul, doo-wop, and musical theatre styles. But in her process of mixing it all, she never forgets the authenticity of each genre. Moreover, lyrically she never belittles the audience. She treats them as equals and delivers lyrics which are acceptable for a young audience. That is why the album Once Upon A Day: A Lot More Funny is a famous hit.

SNOOKNUK’s music is becoming extremely popular with the young audience. It is slowly becoming a staple of the education system. Everyone from pre-school groups to family festivals alike is relying on her music.

Once Upon A Day: A Lot More Funny is an album that will inspire kids to learn more. The album may be simple, but it sure packs a punch.

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