Pascal Bachmann Is The Life And Business Strategist Entrepreneurs Need In Order To Get The Skills And Clarity Necessary To Grow Their Businesses

Pascal Bachmann is a life and business strategist and entrepreneur. From an early age, he was involved in the practice of martial arts, reaching the professional level at the age of 18, but his career as a pro athlete was cut short after three years when he had an accident in Thailand. Today he focuses on empowering and educating high achievers with the necessary tools to build successful businesses.

Pascal was born and raised in Switzerland. He comes from a difficult background, having grown up in a children’s home. After his accident in Thailand, he had to rethink his life and find a new vision.

“During the recovery process I decided to study Eastern therapies specializing in Chinese Medicine which later led me to be a Health coach.” Pascal shares. “I gained a lot of experience in building businesses, made valuable contacts, and became an advisor for small businesses.”

Soon after, Pascal was advising larger companies too. But everything went down when he experienced a 15-million-dollar bankruptcy through one of his businesses. He had lost everything in a two-month timeframe. Not only his business was bankrupt but he also had lost all his retirement savings.

“Again, I needed to restart and build from scratch.” Pascal recounts. “As an entrepreneur I have built my career over the last 25 years and established seven businesses, which have a combined value of over $20 million. With that, I’ve been able to help more than 20,000 clients move from an unhealthy and depressed state to health, happiness, success, and wealth.”

Today, Pascal focuses on empowering and educating high achievers and entrepreneurs with the skills and clarity they need to build successful businesses and wealth in a healthy way. Oftentimes, the biggest challenge when starting a business is having these skills and finding the true purpose.

Pascal started this endeavour because as an entrepreneur, he had a desire to contribute his part to make this world a better place. He had developed talents and experiences that he wanted to share with the world to give back and help others.

“I’m extremely motivated by the feeling of satisfaction that I get from seeing my friends and business associates succeed in their lives as a result of working together.” Pascal states.

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Moreover, Pascal was inspired to get into his industry because he identified there was a need for personal development. With so many things happening in the world at the same time, it is clear that not everyone can face their every day challenges. Pascal believes a way for them to do that is to have coaches and mentors.

“People need coaches and mentors: leaders who empower and educate them in how to master whatever their passion is. I learned early that if you want your business to grow, you as a person need to grow.” He stresses.

This is also why Pascal believes that having the right mindset when starting a business is key. But he sees mindset as seven rules: “everything is possible, passion first, we are connected, be 100% accountable, attitude of gratitude, live to give, and the time is now.”

“My advice for those trying to start their own business is to get clarity and the right strategy. Clarity on what you want, why you want it and for whom you want it for. Then create a strategy and follow it consistently.” Pascal advises. “Know that you need to be hungry and find satisfaction in fulfillment. Hungry to learn, to serve, to give, and to grow.

In the near future, Pascal will be focusing on his online presence by continuing to provide value in the areas of health, success, wealth and how to achieve it, speaking about productivity, mindset and goal-setting.

This year, Pascal, who is also an award-winning international public speaker, had to cancel more than five events due to COVID-19 given his inability to travel. But overall, the pandemic has reinforced his belief that people need strategies that work not only during a crisis like COVID-19, but also with normal everyday life.

“I want to emphasize that challenges are part of the game as an entrepreneur. Some are personal, others are professional, and many of them can impact us directly and indirectly. We need to learn how to react better.” Pascal shares.

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When it comes to coaching, it is important to point out that Pascal is not teaching by the books, he is teaching from experience. This is why he does not believe in competition–the programs he designs for his clients have no comparison because they are personalized

In 2021, Pascal will be personally coaching 20 high achievers and doers for a whole year and guide them to reach the next level and achieve health, success and wealth. Find out more about Pascal Bachmann and his journey here.

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