Popular Instagram Influencer, Dylan DeGennaro, Enlists Common Mistakes Social Media Influencers Make

Successful Instagram influencer, Dylan DeGennaro, has shared the list of common mistakes that a lot of social media influencers make while running their marketing campaigns. According to him, social media is a wonderful platform that can help anyone promote his products and services in a limited time.

Dylan DeGennaro, a 20-year-old social media influencer, is popular with an Instagram handle, @Trippin on this platform. Since the beginning of his social media journey in 2015, he has gained over 7 million followers on Instagram and he runs many IG pages based on the theme of music.

He has completed his education from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, USA. However, Instagram influencer has mentioned that one must avoid certain mistakes while running any page on social media platforms.

Not Using the Right Content

According to Dylan DeGennaro, many new people in the social media influencing world fail to make themselves count for not choosing the right content as per their target audience. Due to this, they fail to establish their connection with their audience in the right markets and receive a poor response to their campaigns.

Choice of the Wrong Hashtags

Pointing the second mistake by social media influencers, he has said that they use wrong hashtags in their social media posts. Choosing inappropriate hashtags related to their themes backfires them badly.

Long Bio Name 

The successful Instagram influencer has added that selecting a long bio name with many underscores on social media platforms makes it difficult for them to influence their target audience. In addition to this, they fail to create a theme for their page with the same style posts.

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