Reconnecting with the true self

Many of us will embark on a journey for deeper self-awareness at some time in our lives, whether motivated by a significant birthday, a life change, or just curiosity. As part of this process, we must not only look for what defines our genuine selves but also let go of objects of identification we’ve long mistaken for ourselves, which necessitates a balance of introspection and fresh experiences. Self-discovery is the process of discovering your actual self, including your values, needs, and desires, as well as what foods you enjoy and dislike. These facts about yourself may have come to you spontaneously over time. However, many people lose touch with their principles and hide their reasons and preferences, even from themselves. Going further into self-discovery may completely change your life. 

However, it gets problematic when a person believes that they do most things to meet the expectations of others and not of their own own. Then you may learn, at some time, that your own life does not match your expectations at all. And this makes you sad and dissatisfied in the long term. This is where self-discovery comes in.

Society also plays an integral part in our evolutionary history. As children, we want to adapt to our parents’ ideals, and as teenagers, we want to conform to those of our classmates. We are evolutionarily naturally programmed to make social comparisons. We strive to figure out how to behave appropriately to be accepted in society in this way. When talking about self-discovery and transformation, Gerard Sherwin Grogans can be a useful example of a person who transformed his life after the immense childhood he went through as a child.

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An arduous journey that made Gerard the person he is today

Gerard grew up in a large family with five sons and two daughters. Gerard didn’t grow up in a healthy familial setting like most individuals. Abuse on all fronts—physical, psychological, and emotional—made him into the person he is today. Gerard credits his success to the good and bad life lessons he has picked up along the road. His father told him as a child that he was dumb and stupid and would never amount to anything—the individual who intended to embody what outstanding leadership entailed failed to do so. Gerard made a deliberate decision at a younger age not to be anything like his father and vowed to be the greatest version of himself that he could be. Gerard chose to write his book “The Blueprint: How to Recreate Your Life in Six Simple Steps ” due to these encounters. In his book, Gerard has shed a broader light on various aspects of life for people struggling with the agonizing chain of overthinking, confusion and anxiety. 

Gerard realizes that much of his unconscious training and conditioning forced him to live the life he was living. And he learns that if he is to have a better life and reality, it is all up to him. And it all starts with deciding to be someone else. So Gerard embarked on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, and what he discovered were six principles to help you become the best version of yourself possible. 

Devoting life to helping other

Growing up amid mental and physical anguish helped him to see suffering from a different viewpoint and has assisted him in developing the skills and tactics to assist others in changing, growing, and transforming themselves. To become the effective speaker and thought leader he is today, he learnt to manage his psychology and attitude. Gerard is also happy about his life’s hardships since they make him more passionate and caring. Gerard has dedicated his life to assisting others in overcoming the mental blockages and restrictions that prevent them from realizing their most significant potential so they can be the best version of themselves and live a genuinely worthwhile life. Gerard’s experience demonstrates that even individuals who have been abused may grow into the person they were born to be.

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Paving his way to the top

Gerard spent eight years in the Army’s 82nd Special Operations Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Upon completion of his military duty. Gerard went on to get a bachelor’s degree in sacred theology, a bachelor’s degree in general psychology, and a Ph.D. in metaphysical psychology, all before turning 50. Gerard has been named the top sales professional in three different sectors for over 15 years. Gerard was a sales professional for almost 15 years and was consistently rated in the top 1% in three other sectors.

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