Ren Zhengfei Wants to Sell 5G Technology to a Prospective Competitor

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Being the only one in business is not so rewarding or fulfilling for Huawei it seems. Ren Zhengfei the Chief Executive of Huawei wants to create a competitor for its company 5G technology. That is the reason he is looking for prospective buyers.

As weird as it may sound, the Chief Executive in an interview with The Economist said that he wants to give a buyer access to 5G tech. He said that he would give the buyer perpetual  access to Huawei’s 5G patents even licenses, codes and technical blueprints.

But Huawei would be free to create its technology over the existing 5G Technology. Ren is hell bent on transferring  Huawei’s 5G stack to a competitor. He wants a rival who will set up a benchmark for competition.

But with all this talk about creating  a worthy rival Huawei has no American buyers yet. Last month America restricted Government agencies from doing business with Huawei because of the national threat.

Australia seems like a prospective competitor for Huawei over America. They do not fear the threat from a possible enemy and can have latest technology at low costs.

Ren said the money from the deal would be used to better the technology and to “make greater strides”. He also feels that the giants like Nokia and Ericsson wouldn’t want to make a  deal with them because of pride. They might question the authenticity of Huawei’s tech.

Even though Huawei is blacklisted by America, Ren believes that Huawei will thrive despite that. Huawei is on a roll as it is also making its own operating system Harmony OS. But it won’t be keeping up with the Android.

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Mr Ren believes that this 5G technology will be the trump card for the Huawei company. It will surely open gates to the future.

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