Self Belief or Utter Confidence? Peter Triantos Expresses his Impressive Personality Traits

“Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”

Reflect on what you just read, so can you relate? Think again, you might be agreeing with it but not planning out your life following that quote. Prioritizing anything else over passion ruins the never quit attitude required to succeed. 

Peter Triantos is one of the leading names in the Australian food industry and puts maximum effort into innovating and improving productivity with the techniques needed to improve brand recognition and value. Peter was only 21 when he took no fear in giving his idea a taste of reality by buying a run-down chicken grill bar in which he opened five more stores. Fortunately, he excelled at it, and learning from the experience, stepped into the food manufacturing industry and invested three million dollars in the infrastructure to shake things up in the condiment sauce space in 2007. 

Peter’s consistent effort and hard work resulted in the smooth functioning of the 8 Food and motivated him to fearlessly execute his new ideas. 

Peter Tri has a relentless mindset that will do whatever it takes to succeed. He has been his boss throughout the entrepreneurial journey. “Tell yourself that you can do it.“ Says Peter. 

“I am competitive. Competitive people make the world go round. They are the reason you have the technology you use, the clothes you wear, the great food you eat, and the world you live in. Competition brings out the best in us. It takes us out of our comfort zone and forces us to be innovative, to create better products and services. By staying competitive, you set yourself new goals you want to achieve, and you’ll do things that will cause you to reach them. The bigger the dream, the more competition there is, and there’s not just more competition at the top, it also gets fiercer. Having a competitive nature stops complacency or settling on our past achievements. Competition isn’t always about trying to win, it’s also about getting better at what we do and who we become. The best type of competition is one where we compete against ourselves, by challenging ourselves to do better than what we’ve done previously. They can’t beat someone who’s not willing to give up.” Says Peter as he expresses his formula for success.

Peter.tri is an Instagram blog managed by Peter to inspire and motivate the masses to get hands-on useful success secrets. 

Peter Triantos, with his in-depth knowledge of the Australian food manufacturing world and hard work, earned international recognition. 

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