Success Story: Mojomora (aka Ahmed Alamri) Pushes ‘DARK’ Into The Limelight

With over 70,000 site subscribers from all over the world, DARK Magazine has proven to be one of the leading forces in Online Digital Publications and its all because of one person: Mojomora.

Mojomora, Ahmed Alamri, is no longer just an aspiring entrepreneur– he has become a full-blown success story.

This hasnt come without years of hard work and determination, however. He has been launching businesses and designing since he was just 14 years old and has had a lifelong dream to make a career out of his creations.

Business isnt Mojomora’s only passion. His other aspirations include music, law, graphic designing, and his track record has proven successful in all the channels of passion he decides to create in. 

DARK Magazine, which Mojomora describes as just one piece of his media conglomerate has already proven to be successful after collaborating with mega stars like Lexy PanterraUFC Flyweight Alex PerezB KarmaJordan RoyaleHitta CastroTribe MafiaThe Fault in Our Stars Actress Emily PeacheyChoyce CincereFreaky P

Mojomora is on his way to making 2021 the biggest year yet for his media company DARK and Im definitely sticking around to see what next.

Follow Mojomora: @mojomora

Follow DARK: @darkmagazine


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