Suzi Morris calls for Action to Support COVID-19 Research

Artist Suzi Morris has called for urgent action to help fund a vaccine for COVID-19 as cases pass 1 million in the U.S.

The prominent artist who has had exhibitions around the world and commissions with private collections in the U.S., issued a public service announcement this past week asking people to contribute any way they can toward the research program initiated by Imperial College London.

Having faced viral keratitis which can lead to blindness, the artist expressed her own journey living with a viral infection with potentially serious health consequences – and reveals her insight into art and its connection with viruses.

Following her doctorate, Dr Suzi Morris released an in-depth thesis that looked at the connection between art and biological science, which she spoke about in her interview with Modern Painters magazine.

Her video released this week analyzes the connection between art and the nature of viruses, which was produced by Fact Not Fiction Films and a remote team of filmmakers – with the support of Imperial College London.

In her video PSA she said: “We need to bring this lockdown to an end and to do this we need science to bring us mass testing and a vaccine. Imperial College are playing a leading role in this global effort, so I am asking people to please make a donation, no matter how small.”

The artist is donating 50% of all proceeds of her latest paintings toward the research program – encouraging other artists and the public to contribute what they can so that a vaccine can be found for COVID-19 as quickly as possible.

To discover more about Dr Suzi Morris, you can see her latest paintings on Instagram or visit her website.

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