The Clothing Brand Of Style & Variety – Touch Dolls

Is your go-to clothing retail store designed for a variety of forms and proportions?
Most are not. Sadly, most clothing manufacturers presently are designed to fit one body shape – that is completely impractical.

“I always felt like clothing manufacturers had an impractical body type for minority women like Hispanic and black. The particular clothing I would buy often would have to be tailored,” states CEO Cyndi V.

Touch Dolls – a Miami based brand name, owned and operated by Cyndi V. and her husband – is the clothing line focused on making women of all forms feel amazing. Cyndi herself has often battled with obtaining clothing that fit her physique properly, thus she made the decision it had been time for the switch.

In Miami, over 80% of the populace is Latin or African American – Cyndi noticed an unmet requirement here, thus she started Touch Dolls – a brandname which is tailor made to be able to contour a female’s curves!

Touch Dolls has also played part in helping where they are able to in light from the COVID-19 continuous pandemic, by means of developing stylish masks that will look good – and can help to keep us safe.

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