US couple must forfeit their cryptocurrency riches after being caught running dark web drug ring

US couple must forfeit their cryptocurrency riches after being caught running dark web drug ring

A couple based in California would be required to forfeit the riches acquired through cryptocurrency. This happened after the duo pleaded guilty for operating an operation ring for drugs with use of the dark web platform.

The 32-year-old Jabari Monson from Merced, California accepted her charges for conspiring to circulate the controlled substances. On the other hand, the 39-year-old Saudia Monson also pleaded guilty for violation of Travel Act. This was after the convict used the internet and mail for distribution of the controlled substance, mentioned McGregor W. Scott, the U.S. Attorney.

According to the information found over the court documents, it has been noted that starting with July 2018 up until January 2019, this couple operated multiple vendor accounts over the Dream Market which is a marketplace for the dark web. Through this platform, the officials concluded that the couple had been selling off items such as methamphetamine, marijuana, as well as cocaine.

The couple has also agreed to give back an undisclosed sum in cryptocurrency which includes Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. Jabari is now looking at the maximum penalty of prison time lasting 40 years along with 5 years mandatory term behind bars, and as high as $5 Million penalty.

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