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This post we created in conjunction with YTFab is going to cover ways of improving your video marketing on social media with the goal of boosting your engagement.

When it comes to social media, videos have become the best type of content. It is important to know the effectiveness of video marketing and why you need it, especially on social media.

The most popular format on social media is video content. It has become a priority for most marketers because 90% of social media users watch videos online at least once a month.

There is a 40x more likelihood of a post being shared on social media when it is a visual post.

A video is a great tool when advertising on Twitter. In terms of cost-per-engagement, Twitter videos are 50% cheaper.

Instagram stories have also become popular with audiences, and this is why brands are posting an average of 2.5 posts every week.

Video posts on LinkedIn are five times more likely to have comments compared to those without.

The good thing is that your videos don’t have to be professionally produced to get great results. There is a 28% increase in overall brand engagement when consumers get both user-generated product videos or professional content.

43% of consumers prefer getting content in the form of videos from marketers.

Content containing video has a 50x likelihood of driving organic search results

41% say they would like to use Facebook as a tool for distributing video content

Using video on social media is good, and there is no arguing with that. How can you use videos to get great results? Below are some great ways of making sure your video content works for you.

Creating the Right Type of Video Content

There are different forms of video content. When creating videos, keep in mind the kind of structure that is going to serve the audience while relaying the information to your audience. Some of the most common video content types include:

How-to videos showing how to accomplish a goal or a task using easy steps

Product reviews where the audience gets to learn more about a product, how it works, and how it is going to benefit them. The reviews also look at possible downsides if they are there. The goal of a review is to provide the audience with information and not self-promoting.

Educational videos teaching the users about industry tools and information they can use in growing their business. For example, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz offer courses on boosting SEO and social media marketing. Such types of courses help in educating the audience on using their tools effectively and increasing the retention rates of their brand.

User-generated content including YouTube videos, social media posts, and any other video content created by your audience. GoPro will share videos that were shot by their GoPro camera customers. By doing this, brands can connect with their customers and also show they can share non-branded content online.

You should consider all the factors when you are interested in creating this kind of content. What is your industry or product about? What is it that your customers like or need the most? You also need to have a look at the social media platforms. Content that has been great on Facebook might not be great on Instagram or Twitter and may not get many YouTube views. You should plan and test things out so you can come up with a video content format that works best for your audience and business.

Hosting Live Videos

The video formats we have talked about above can be shared for long-term viewing and are pre-recorded. Creating live videos might be a great idea because it is going to boost your engagement.

When you host live videos, you get the chance of connecting with people in real-time. The audience gets the chance of seeing the real you because there is no editing and less structure. You will be engaging with the audience in real-time, which means you will be answering and giving responses right away. Your viewers will feel like you listen to them, and feel part of the experience. Live videos are great when you want to get social media engagement.

Holding an Online Video Contest

Having an online video contest is going to help you in several ways. You increase the chances of content being shared, an increase in traffic, and you are going to get more user-generated content.

There are some things that need to be in place if you want to succeed in hosting an online video contest:

Create surveys so you can learn more about your audience. You need to find their goals and how you can help them in achieving those goals. Once you have a good understanding of your audience, you can move on to the next steps.

Choosing a giveaway or prize that will excite the audience enough for them to take part. If the audience is following the company because they provide writing tips, the audience will participate if the prize is something like a mentorship with an established writer. There are some situations where gift coupons or cash prizes work best.

Creating anticipation before they day of contest. Start by making the audience many days before, even a month. You will then be posting content from time to time reminding them about the contest so they can participate.

Consider using good giveaways plugins because they help in managing contests. You need to have a landing page where viewers are going to view submission. If they do it on social media, they end up getting distracted and their focus may shift to other content.

You will have an easier time getting video submissions because many people use smartphones. With this type of content, you have the chance of letting more people know about your brand.

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