Artist Wesca Explores The World Of Pandemic Through Music

Global pandemic has been traumatizing for the complete world. People have felt they have been bombarded with a huge crisis they don’t know how to recover from. The last two years have felt like eternity and have caused losses to many people and affected all.

The artists have been affected in special ways with shows getting canceled, deals being broken, unaffordable studio spaces, creativity getting a major blow etc. Stress and grief have reached them and they are trying to cope with it using their art. Many artists have explored the pandemic through their art.

Artist Wesca has released his first album with a 5 track EP based on the pandemic called ‘World on Fire’. The artist reflects on the current situation of the world and presents his perspective on the same. From the first track itself the stage is set as Wesca brings the listeners explosive bangers followed by laid back redemption tracks.

The album is resonating with the listeners as they can feel the artist’s emotions behind it. The music is available on all his social media accounts and streaming platforms like Apple Music.

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