Assure Provides Gold Standard Identity Verification

While maintaining data integrity, Assure has accomplished a fast, easy and absolutely correct system for the clients for verification. It is said that Assure delivers gold standard work.

Their method for identity verification is convenient with accuracy to identify the right identities by checking the documents, validating them, checking whether the documents have been tampered with to prevent synthetic fraud, using network and device analytics. They complete the manual ID review checks, analyze the biometric, and monitor the results.

Assure provides identity verification and storage solutions by Liveness, PEP and sanctions checks. They validate the person with absolute confidence as they offer 10 percent accuracy in their work. The software used is sophisticated to provide the clients in depth verification of the person(s). The quality identification process of Assure is achieved by correct data collection, cross checking database, performing analytics and expert reviewing.

The stakeholders believe if the verification is done by Assure, they can be rest assured the verification was thorough and the identities are accurate. Assure has a fully integrated AI-powered software allowing their clients to complete the end-to-end identity verification approval within 3 minutes on their devices.

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