Behnood Javaherpour’s electrifying success as an art curator and entrepreneur and his distinguished designs in fashion has become the talk of the town.

He is a successful fashion designer and an art connoisseur who has taken creative industries by storm with his brands “Behnoode” and “Behnoode Foundation”.

All those people who wander are not lost, someone very rightly said. This exactly can be used to define the journey of certain people in this world. It is the choices that people make that help them build their respective journeys and paths to success. No matter how difficult some roads are, if people are determined to attain their definition of success, on their own, without any handouts, nothing or no one can stop from, believes Behnood Javaherpour, who has lived a journey as this and today has imprinted his name amongst one of the most influential personalities in the world of art, fashion and entrepreneurship.

“Had I not listened to what my heart sought and my desire of want I wanted to be, or how I wanted my journey to be, I wouldn’t have reached thus far,” says Behnood Javaherpour, who is today a top-notch fashion designer, art curator and researcher, multipreneur and also a humanitarian. Phew! Those are a lot of things, but the 35-year-old Dubai-based versatile talent has aced it all and has become a synonym with success in all that he has chosen to do in life.

“Behnoode” is his clothing brand, where he showcases his genius every time he comes up with a new and exciting collection and “Behnoode Foundation” is his art museum for his genuine love for art like contemporary, modern and fine art, celebrating the artistic mastery of different artists of the world. His journey from Tehran to Dubai and now earning a presence worldwide as a multi-talented personality wasn’t all rosy. He had his fair share of struggles, beginning his career at only 15 years of age.

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However, Behnood Javaherpour says that everyone in this world has their journeys that they have to walk, and how they choose to do that, what they learn each day and how they improve as professionals and individuals defines the success of the person. He attributes his success to the genuine values and principles his parents taught, the incessant hard work he did all on his own and the various risks he took along his journey.

When it comes to art, fashion or business, people today look up to Behnood Javaherpour, his journey and his success to draw more inspiration. Follow him now on Instagram @behnoodjavaherpour to know more.

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