Better Sleep for Employees is Great for Business – Here’s Why

Veteran insomniacs know only too well the day-to-day health impact of poor sleep. But the effects on overall wellbeing, productivity and business may be more significant than we thought.

However, thanks to science and years of research and development, a solution to improve the quality of your sleep and consequently, your overall wellbeing and productivity, could now come in the form of a science-backed device.

Impact of Poor Sleep on Productivity

Well-being has risen to the top of HR concerns in recent years, and with good reason. According to a report from Loughborough University, three out of every people in the UK workforce deal with persistent sleep issues. But perhaps more alarmingly, more than half of the workers surveyed conceded that they couldn’t stay awake during the day due to insufficient or poor-quality sleep. The study further established that workers take an average of two days off every year to catch up on sleep.

This, of course, has a direct and immediate impact on business. A 2016 study indicated that the UK alone loses up to 200,000 working days each year as a result of sleep deprivation, which translates to a loss of £40 billion.

Good quality sleep is still often an overlooked factor when it comes to overall wellbeing, and particularly, employee wellbeing even though it’s a significant factor in the workers’ wellbeing and ensuring that business does not suffer the consequences of sleep-related problems.

Improving Sleep and Restoring Wellbeing and Productivity

The impact of sleep, or the lack of it, on cognitive functions such as decision making and overall productivity is now well documented. Even the most productive and successful members of society, who we often imagine to work every single minute of their waking life, point out the importance of sleep in their success.

Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, is one such example. In a CNBC article, Bezos indicated that more quality sleep, around eight hours a day, ensured that he made more quality decisions each day and that running on four hours of sleep isn’t worth it.

For a man who founded one of the world’s largest companies, making high-quality decisions and staying productive throughout the day is crucial. Jeff believes the key lies in good quality and quantity of sleep. Despite being at the helm of a large company, he still gets eight hours of sleep. As a result, he has more energy during the day and isn’t “tired or grouchy.”

Can businesses restore employee wellbeing and by improving their sleep and preventing the losses caused by low productivity each year? The short answer is yes.

Many life key aspects of life can lead to poor sleep, including money issues, relationship issues, work-related problems, raising children, or even just living in noisy neighbourhoods. Diagnosing the root cause of sleep issues for every employee across the country is impossible and few businesses will have the time and resources for such an undertaking.

Some businesses have taken some commendable steps such as creating nap rooms, or even designating spaces where employees can take some restorative rest periods during the day. However, not many businesses can provide this kind of workplace perk.

Introducing Sleep Aid Devices such as SleepHub®.

Instead, it may be more prudent and efficient for businesses to encourage the use of science-backed sleep aid devices such as SleepHub®. Employees can introduce the sleep tech devices into their normal sleep routine as a way to improve the quality of their sleep.

More than 90% of people in a clinical study reported that using a SleepHub® device had positively influenced their sleep. Therefore, companies can benefit by making such devices available to employees suffering from sleep issues and providing flexible payment options through employee benefits platforms such as My Benefits World.

SleepHub® has recently entered into a partnership with My Benefits World to ensure thousands of employees have the chance of owning their Home devices through the online benefits solution.

How SleepHub® Works

Sleep issues are often the result of disrupted natural sleep cycles. Nightly disruptions, anxiety, and other issues cause the brain to forget how to enter its natural sleep cycles. After years of research, testing, and development, specialists at Cambridge Sleep Sciences uncovered a way to use sound to retrain the brain to revert to natural sleep cycles.

There are, of course, many other products on the market that use sound to mask the noises that often prevent people from falling asleep. However, SleepHub® works by using scientifically-formulated sounds to guide users through the correct sleep cycles, in the correct order. The beats and pulses simulate the waves your brain should be experiencing as it initiates natural sleep.

4 Sleeping Modes for Everyone

Think of SleepHub® as a guide for people that can no longer easily get to sleep or experience good quality sleep. SleepHub® has four different sleeping modes:

1. Deep Sleep Mode: activate this mode to get a full, 8-hour rest and natural sleep when you get to bed. Maintain the natural sleep you need every day through repeated nightly and daily use, even if your job schedule changes frequently.

2. Easy Sleep Mode: ideal for people with busy work schedules and those who have less than eight hours to sleep. You can customize the Deep Sleep cycle according to the number of hours you have for restful sleep.

3. Fall Asleep Mode: for those who have trouble falling asleep but have no problems staying asleep

4. Power Nap Mode: for those moments when you have little downtime. SleepHub® can guide you through a power nap of 30, 45, or 60 mins.

Using the same groundbreaking research, neuroscience, and technology, the project team at SleepHub® has been working on a portable product that will allow users to enjoy quality sleep wherever they may be.

The official launch of the portable SleepHub® is planned for Spring 2022, but you can pre-order now to take advantage of early adopter discounts. It’s a great opportunity to be part of the SleepHub® mission to give more people better sleep.

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