Caroline Zalog ls Taking The Fashion And Fitness World By Storm

I remember getting my first 100 followers on Instagram despite being active for over a year. Getting to a 100 followers made me feel like a celebrity in my own world, lol. Now, back to Caroline Zalog. Caroline, a shy young lady from Poland has managed to gain over 1.2million Instagram followers, attain a business degree, and start two business brands within the same year (2020). Thanks to her spectacular entrepreneurial qualities and determination, she’s managed to achieve all this and more, while in her early twenties.

Caroline Zalog is a  fitness model on Instagram. She became really committed to building her social media page at the end of 2019, and thanks to all the hard work she’s put into creating amazing content for her page, combined with the help of Chris Theodoropoulos, they managed to boost her followers to an impressive 1million plus, within the space of a few months.

Owing it to her ever relentless spirit, consistent hard work, and the help and support from friends and loved ones, she’s managed to come this far and also realize her dream of having a degree in business all within the same year! Visit Caroline’s Instagram page  @carolinezalog, and you’d be wowed. It’s filled with amazingly creative pictures, wonderful backgrounds, and Caroline looking ever pretty. Caroline has put a lot of work into achieving her body goals which many people admire. In an interview, she gave a breakdown of her workout plan which she claimed was her best so far. She said “I currently have one workout plan which I love and have continued to do throughout 2020 during my time away from the gym”. It’s a 6 week at home workout experience  that helps not just tone your whole body, but also helps maximize your time. Caroline has also been working on her fitness blog called Fitty by Caroline (@fittybycaroline). She wants to continue to share her fitness side with people and also help people who are looking for Fitness help.

And it’s not just the fitness brand. She’s also working on her very own clothing brand Girl Next Door, with her first line to drop hopefully by the end of 2020, we’re madly anticipating the amazing pieces she’s prepared. With the help of Chris Theodoropoulos (@blotch) on this, we’re sure to expect spectacular designs.     

All these, and she’s not yet 24! Caroline Zalog has proven it’s not just posing and looking pretty for the camera, she’s a creative entrepreneur, and is taking the fashion and fitness world by storm!

During a one on one session with Caroline, she gave us insight into the major factors that has led her to where she is currently. With one of the main factors being her loving mother, who is her role model and source of inspiration. Caroline also says consistent hard work, always staying motivated and not leaving room for negative thoughts has helped her maintain focus thus far. Also not undermining the role of supportive family and friends. Which is why Caroline Zalog places family and friends, health and wellness, and living in the moment above everything other thing in life.

To know more about Caroline, follow her on her social pages.

Instagram: @carolinezalog
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