Coach Legend Receives ‘The #1 Mentor In The Network Marketing Industry’ Award

Coach Legend with certain tweaks and his coaching philosophy has helped thousands of people to break barriers of financial freedom.

One generally thinks the purpose of wealth can be clarified into three objectives – save, grow or spend it. Most of us would tend to keep a combination of all three but proportions differ from person to person. Moreover one should also be tact with the way of enhancing the capital as it requires good knowledge and skills to deal with the conditions prevailing in the market. This is when a wealth coach can ease the uncertainties of your financial freedom. The rise of wealth coaching in the financial advice industry is growing and Hanso Legend Denis with his artistic skills and efforts is winning ‘The #1 Mentor In The Network Marketing Industry’ Award.

A Haitian-American businessman, world-renowned public speaker, mentor and wealth coach, Coach Legend is a multilingual marketing strategist who has spent endless years gaining proficient involvement in the advancement of the business and strong leadership.

Hanso Legend Denis famous as Coach Legend was born in Haiti and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The struggles of economic insecurities in Haiti motivated Coach Legend to improve the financial situation of their family. Coach Legend grew up on welfare in the rough inner cities of St. Louis and that gave him the aim to set an example that even Haitian Americans can achieve their goals and reach heights of success.

Coach Legend entered the network marketing industry at the young age of 19. Within two years of his entrepreneurial journey, Coach Legend grossed up a six-figure income and a leading sales professional in his company. Adapting the current trend of social media approach, Coach Legend has gained thousands of followers on social media.

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Like a common man, even Coach Legend was stuck on his 9-5 job but his passion, hard work and ambition of financial freedom made him a 7-figure wealth coach. In his thirties, Coach Legend, CEO of Legend Credit Repair, with his 7 figure credit business has helped thousands of people to live with their dream of financial freedom.

Coach Legend specialised in financial services like credit restoration, credit monitoring, wills and trusts, credit litigation, financial planning and much more, he aims at helping thousands of people and avoids the circumstances that he has faced in his past years. With high aims and generous nature of helping everyone, Coach Legend is also guiding through seminars and webinars with a target of helping at least 20 people to earn more than a million by 2022. To find more information about Coach Legend and his business, follow him on Instagram here.

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