CollectorsMint To Host Officially Licensed NFT’s

The NFT world is growing exponentially in 2021. Now there is one NFT marketplace that is aiming to put all creators back in the driver’s seat. Launching on Halloween night of 2021, CollectorsMint is looking to become the ultimate destination for both creators and collectors.

Beginner Friendly for Both Creators and Collectors

Are you looking to create your first NFT asset or make your first NFT purchase? Some of the other NFT marketplaces don’t exactly make it easy. CollectorsMint is going to change all that.

The Ethereum based NFT marketplace will allow you to easily use your crypto to purchase the NFTs that you want.

For collectors, you will be able to mint your assets for no upfront fee and only pay if and when you sell your item. That means no money out of pocket upfront from the artist. That also means that you can focus on your art without financial restrictions.

For collectors, you can be one of the first people to snap up new NFT projects before everyone catches on.

Officially Licensed NFTs from World Famous Brands

CollectorsMint will be attracting a lot of interest from large international brands, record labels and production companies. With the ability to have a variety of “must have” NFT’s. The sky is the limit with NFT stores on CollectorsMint.

Taco Bell, Time Magazine and Topps trading cards have proved that NFT’s are a gamble worth taking. They discovered that the blockchain universe offers a great way to market their brand while offering a truly uniquely rare asset that collectors anticipate. This will the beginning of amazing well-known pieces, that will remain forever on the blockchain. The responsiveness is going to shake up the NFT marketplace, and CollectorsMint will be equipped to handle the eager client.

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CollectorsMint already has deals in place with several world-renowned brands through exclusive and non-exclusive license deals. This means collectors will have quality NFT’s available on CollectorsMint and for artists, all this attention will more than likely make a positive impact to the independent artists on CollectorsMint, and provide more notoriety for their art.

Top Security and Protection for Both Creators and Collectors

We’ve all have heard horror stories of collectors being scammed and creators having their work stolen.

CollectorsMint, is creating a safe and friendly place to create, purchase and sell NFTs.

The team has put together the tightest security protocols in the industry to ensure that you have a safe and secure way to navigate the NFT marketplace.

Get Ready. CollectorsMint Launches Halloween Night!

This Halloween, the real horror will come to those who miss out on the big CollectorsMint launch!

That’s right, the platform launches on Halloween night.

Make sure you get your trick or treating done early so you can be one of the first people to take advantage of this exciting, new NFT marketplace.

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