Creative Mindset, Mike Clum, has Achieved Financial Freedom by Founding his firm, Clum Group

Mike Clum, a young and creative entrepreneur, has shown to the world that it is indeed possible to gain financial freedom in your 20’s. At 27, he is the founder and CEO of Clum Group, which is a parent company for Clum Creative and Teddy Baldassarre.

What makes him successful at such a young age is his ability to find the untapped market. And it is also his willingness to pursue his passion consistently that has contributed to his immense success in a very less time.

During his growing year, Mike Clum realized his passion for videography and it made him drop out of his college to walk the path to become a pro in producing video & animation content. Now, Mike Clum runs Clum Creative, a B2B Creative services company, that enjoys over 1000 clients in the US.

Clum Creative produces creative video & animation content to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and in-house creatives gain leads & boost their social media engagement. Mike Clum only had a $600 worth camera when he started his journey in the video production world.

Mike Clum now owns a film studio on $5,000 square feet on the East Side of Cleveland. The creative entrepreneur is a role model for all those individuals who are struggling to achieve their dreams in their respective fields. His company, Clum Creative has seen a 1000% growth over the last 5 years.

Mike Clum chose to dive into the animation & video creation niche because he anticipated the growing demand for video marketing in the digital world. His creativity and far-sightedness have helped him grow well in his work.

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Now, his company Clum Creative earns millions which simply shows how financially independent Mike Clum is. Teddy Baldassarre, a luxury watch enthusiast, runs a youtube channel with Mike Clum. The youtube channel is a part of the parent company, Clum Group, and it has got around 300k subscribers in total.

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