Dangerous Duo – Sal Jobe and Dean Caslake

Meet Sal Jobe and Dean Caslake, two entrepreneurs that have been a colossal business movement since 2015, two men on a journey that are living proof that you shouldn’t give up, from working in supermarket jobs after school to managing some of the greatest heavyweight boxers in the world. 

Now it seems they have found a new gem, Ashton H20 Sylve, 17 year old boxing sensation from USA California, managed by his father Ivan Sylve and Trevor Sambrano with head of H20 operations Jenn “the wild card ” alas, a solid team for any fighter. 

Jobe and Caslake in an interview with our online team stated “We have been speaking to matchroom boxing, whom we believe to be the best promotional outfit in the world at present, they have been able to somewhat control the dynamics of the boxing industry from right here in the UK, there’s no doubt that Ashton will be one of the most marketable athletes this world has seen but also matchroom would elevate him in that sense and help take him to the level he wants to be at which is dominating multiple divisions at a young age”. It seems Ashton has a bright future ahead and a perfect example of not giving up has been demonstrated here.

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