Daniele Comelli’s immense contribution to the art industry with his one-of-a-kind online gallery

Art is no longer about showcasing different artworks in different exhibitions. With the upsurge of the digital medium, artists have the creative freedom to highlight their art pieces online. Utilizing the online medium effectively, Daniele Comelli is making his art reach a wider audience.

As digital transformations are happening seamlessly, art has substantially taken the digital route. The trend of the online art gallery is an innovative and interactive method of collecting, curating, creating and commissioning different forms of art. It allows artists to create distinctive artworks in the comfort of working remotely from any part of the world.

The Daniele Comelli online art gallery is a one-of-a-kind destination coined by Daniele Comelli. The founder along with his team brought this digital art gallery to life to allow artists in getting exposure from across the globe. Through the online art gallery, artists get to know about different cultures and norms of the world, thereby understanding the traditional rituals in other parts of the world.

Moreover, the online art gallery has also created a bridge between artists and collectors. “The idea is to not just help artists showcase their creative talent to the world, but also allow the collectors to know about different forms of art”, stated Daniele. Considering it an innovative project because of its online presence, Daniele Comelli is delighted that anyone can visit the online art gallery from any part of the world.

The curtains of the online art gallery were raised in 2018, and he is overwhelmed by the response received from artists and collectors. Along with him, the Daniele Comelli online art gallery is managed by a team of five employees. They collectively work in curating and demonstrating the best paintings and drawings from across the globe.

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The masterpieces in the online gallery are created by different artists from Europe, Canada, the USA, and the UAE among other nations. While the artists get tremendous recognition for their work, they are also paid royalties from the sales generated by the online art gallery. Since the art gallery has followed the digital route, there has been no dilemma between the artists and collectors. The collectors enjoy the luxury of Comelli’s art-at-home service where the piece of art is delivered at the place of their choice.

As the Daniele Comelli online art gallery gets a great reception from the audience, he will soon bring newer artists on board. “We are already looking forward to introducing new artists to our online art gallery. I am sure that the audience will have a variety of art options to choose from in the times to come”, the entrepreneur concluded.

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