Difference Between Diamond Eternity Rings and Anniversary Rings

There are endless occasions at which it is appropriate to give one another jewelry to commemorate the celebration. These occasions include birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, baptisms, engagements, weddings, and other momentous milestones in one’s life. 

Jewelry pieces like diamond studs, diamond eternity rings, diamond bracelets, or diamond rings are not gifted as just gestures of love. These items represent and remind one of these milestones for years to come.  

While the majority use a celebration as a reason to give one another such jewelry items, it is not necessary to wait for a special day to make your significant other feel special. It’s becoming more and more popular for diamond eternity rings to be gifted with no reason at all.  

When referring to wedding jewelry, diamond eternity bands and anniversary rings are two terms that are constantly getting mixed up. Below, we have provided you with some information on how to properly tell the difference between the two.

Define Diamond Eternity Ring:

A diamond eternity ring is basically a precious metal band with diamonds encircling the outer surface of the band. Oftentimes, the precious metal used for the setting is platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or sometimes sterling silver. 

 Diamond eternity bands traditionally hold an all-diamond exterior. Although this is true, precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, or emeralds can be used to customize the piece. The most popular diamond shape used for eternity bands are round brilliant cut diamonds.

The continuous circle of diamonds represents the everlasting love between a pair. Many consider this jewelry piece to be a man’s pledge to his woman. For this reason many have been wearing diamond eternity rings as their engagement ring, wedding ring, or anniversary ring. 

This circle of diamonds can also symbolize the eternal love and happiness felt during the birth of a child, the birthday or a loved one, a special Valentine’s Day, or other special occasions. This jewelry piece represents eternal love for anyone. 

Sometimes diamond eternity rings are given to a loved one not as a celebration, but as an apology. Diamond eternity bands are extremely versatile. This makes it so that anyone can be given one on any day of the year. Either way, the sparkling diamonds in an eternity ring speak proudly on the infinite love felt by a partner.

Purchasing a diamond eternity band is a tricky process. It’s crucial to know the correct ring size for the eternity band. This is because in order to resize an eternity band, diamonds must be added or removed. When diamonds are removed to resize an eternity ring, the symmetry of the diamonds gets interrupted; a gap can be obviously noticed. 

Define Anniversary Ring:

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An anniversary ring is a ring created to represent the intense love felt for a partner. Fow as long as history has allowed, rings have been the best token shared between couples for their weddings and anniversaries. Whether it be a 5 carat diamond ring or a plain gold band, rings are constant reminders of love and commitment that lasts for years to come. 

Unlike diamond eternity rings, Anniversary rings don’t consist of variations of only one design. The variety found within anniversary ring designs are endless! Popular anniversary ring designs include three stone rings, single precious stone rings, diamonds only covering half the ring, and many more. An anniversary ring can have emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, or even be a simple gold band. 

Difference Between the Two

The main difference between diamond eternity bands and anniversary rings is that eternity rings consist of a strict pattern while an anniversary ring can look like anything. A diamond eternity ring will always consist of diamonds encircling the entire ring leaving little metal seen. While the shape of diamond may differ, this pattern will be seen in every eternity band. 

The two often get their names swapped simply because eternity bands are regularly given during wedding anniversaries, but this doesn’t make all eternity bands strictly anniversary gifts. 

On the other hand, diamond anniversary rings have been styled in an array of different patterns. Eternity rings used as wedding bands are known to hold a specific setting called the channel setting. 

Anniversary rings can hold diamonds using any kind of setting except the channel setting. The care anniversary rings and diamond eternity rings require can be tedious but will keep your ring sparkling. To maintain its shine and brilliance, diamond rings should be cleaned with warm soapy water. 

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