DJ Johnson, a Young Entrepreneur and Athlete, is Passionately Working on his Basketball Skills to Make his Family Feel Proud 

David Johnson Jr., popular with the name, iamdjjohnson, is a young entrepreneur and full-time athlete. He is a basketball player and he works passionately to improve his basketball skills to make his family proud of himself. At a very young age, he experienced many ups and downs in his life but he always kept his focus on his goals.

The loss of his father in the year 2005 had left him shattered and then all the responsibility of the family was taken by his mother, Tiffany Jackson. As a single parent, she raised DJ Johnson and his two brothers. According to the athlete, his family has always offered a helping hand and much-needed support to him to help him achieve his goals.

And his family never allowed him to doubt his ability and inspires him to have faith in God to overcome every obstacle while chasing his dreams. DJ Johnson trains himself intensely hard in Gym and practices basketball to achieve a big milestone in life. He wants to make his family proud of himself for his achievements.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, David Johnson Jr. is not just a full-time athlete but he is an entrepreneur who interacts with other entrepreneurs online to earn some extra income. But his main passion is to become a pro basketball player and for this, he trains with his private basketball coach whenever he gets free time.

While playing basketball, he always wears the #23 as his jersey number because it was his father’s basketball number. DJ Johnson wants to carry on his father’s legacy and hence works dedicatedly to improve his basketball skills.

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