Experts Looking for ‘Patient Zero’ of Corona Virus

The global health authorities are still searching for the one person who carried the Corona virus disease into the mundane meeting of a firm selling gas meters. It then spread to 5 countries from South Korea to Spain which has infected over a dozen people. Experts are of the view that finding the ‘patient zero’ of this Corona Virus is critical as tracing the patient will make sure that the other people around them who are right now exposed to the infection can be protected. This will result in controlling the outbreak before it goes out of hand as the time passes. It will get harder by the day.

Dale Fisher, chair of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network coordinated by the World Health Organisation, has said that they feel uncomfortable when they diagnose a patient with the illness and they can’t understand where it has come from. Thus the containment activities are less effective.

Authorities had initially said that the Chinese delegates at the conference included someone from Wuhan (the Chinese city at the epicenter of the virus) probably was the carrier but a Servomex spokesperson testified that none of the Chinese delegate tested positive. The Corona Virus has till now killed over 1,350 people.

Fisher with other experts said that it is the same instance like the one happened in 2003 where a sick Chinese doctor spread Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome around the world by being in the Singapore meeting at a Hong Kong hotel in 2003. The WHO has now opened an investigation into the Singapore incident. They have further noted that it is too early to say that this one in 2020 is a super-spreading event.

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